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BC’s Inner Bee 17, August 2007

Posted by babychaos in Art, General Wittering, Light Fluff, Play.
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This is all Joe Drinker and Emon’s fault…

Click on the picture to see my, er hem… inner bee.

I sometimes wonder why I never got round to attempting computer graphics… Ah yes! Now I remember why! Because I’m crap at them! Mwah ha ha haaargh!

Yep, I’m definitely a better artist sitting down than booted up.


View drawing 50700 at Sketchfu



1. Joe - 17, August 2007

That is one fast bee. With very fashionable footwear, might I add.

2. Emon - 17, August 2007

Nice! You wouldn’t mind if I posted the sketch on my gallery, would you?

3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 17, August 2007

Nice job! Did you do that with your mouse, touchpad, stylus or something else??

4. babychaos - 17, August 2007

Not at all, especially now I’ve made the sky a bit more psychadelic!

Joe, glad you like the shoes… they’re a bit of a thing with my stuff, many things have stylish footwear!



5. babychaos - 17, August 2007

Mrs N, I used the touch pad mouse on a lap top so I guess I drew it with my finger… !



6. Nicole - 17, August 2007

Very cool bee! My favorite part is the hair (or is that a hat?) 🙂 And I’m impressed that you did this with a touchpad!

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8. Brian - 17, August 2007

Is that a special jet propulsion I see on that bee?

Hmmm… I have one of those little tablet PC’s but I’ve never tried doodling on it. That could be fun!

9. emonome » Bumblebee Gallery #2 - 18, August 2007

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10. chrisfiore5 - 18, August 2007

hey, like an etch-a-sketch on steriods!

I’d like to see more…

mabe you could do a series.


11. chrisfiore5 - 18, August 2007



12. babychaos - 20, August 2007

I’m thinking there must be some fun to be had with animating things by drawing them and rubbing them out again, you’d have to use something really simple like a coloured circle though…




13. Joe - 20, August 2007

There are some folks on there who have figured out how to do mini-movies, but I’m with you. It would be akin to a flip-book if you could figure it out.

14. babychaos - 21, August 2007

Definitely a no-no with my smashing rsi, too!



15. mrsmetaphor - 22, August 2007

Love it! It’s so cool to watch the progression….lol

16. RubyShooZ - 22, August 2007

I think you’re a hit BC!!

Excellent and fun to watch.

Good work my friend.

Peace, love and undersanding!

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