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Ups and downs… 23, August 2007

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, General Wittering, Grumpy Old Bag, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play, whinging, winging.
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Yesterday was a mixed day. There were ups – an excellent lunch with some writer mates – and there were downs.

As I may have mentioned in yesterday’s post, the weather was too crappy to go out on my bike so I decided to fly my kite. Having managed to negotiate seventy eight quid off my car insurance premium first thing I was feeling a little smug and decided, after my lunch, that the time had come to work off some of that treacle pudding.

I decided I would fly my power kite, a Flexifoil stacker, which would give me a good upper body work out. After about an hour of fruitlessly trying to launch the sodding thing – it’s not like a delta. You can’t just sit it on the ground unravel the strings and give them a yank when you want to launch. It seems you need a friend to hold it up in the air until it fills and let go. I it will jink wildly to the right, then, a proclivity you can only neutralise with a full length of taught string. I tried putting it up at 10 feet and reeling it out but it wasn’t having any of it. Never mind it came from a car boot so I’m probably assembling it wrong.

Anyway, whatever the cause, me or the kite, it was most annoying…. So I gave up and got the delta wing out, fabulously exact but not such a good work out and it falls to bits EVERY time it crashes and always in a manner that involves scattering invisible black carbon fibre tubes over a radius of about 20 yards – yes, people, I spend more time surfing the internet for replacement parts than I do flying the bloody thing because I lose some important bit of it every time I take it out.

So I flew that for half an hour or so and then I crashed it, as you do. I went and set it up to lift it off again and noticed black clouds were gathering on the horizon and it looked like it was going to rain again, so I thought I would fly it for 15 more minutes or so and then stop. Up it went and somehow, I’m not sure how, I managed to smack my fingertips with rope handle as it went up and drop it. Obviously, on one string, the kite went into a flat spin and plummeted to the ground.

Imagine my surprise and joy (not) to discover the bloody thing had managed to lose it’s main supporting strut on the way down. How the fuck? This is where I get my comeuppance for flying my kite in a water meadow of course, meadow – as in knee-high grass – being the operative word. If you’ve ever walked around in knee high wet grass you will appreciate how damp I became from the knees down (think 18 inch snow).

Realising that I was unlikely to find the kite and get it up and running again before it started to rain I packed away my kite but left it sticking up in its case on the spot where it had landed so I could conduct a search for the stupid effing strut. Taking guestimate wind speed and direction into account, I decided I’d traverse backwards and forwards, moving outwards from the spot where it crashed in an attempt to find the missing strut.

This is where I have to ask why the carbon fibre bits on kites are always black and not florescent yellow and why there are not reflective strips… in light levels like yesterday’s it might also have been useful if it glowed in the dark, I would certainly have found it faster.

Needless to say, as I began, the heavens opened. We’re not talking rain here, we’re talking completely pissing down in sheets. This was the point where I learned, from bitter, real life experience, that I have neglected to put more waterproofing stuff on my Barbour for too long. Yes, it wasn’t so much that it leaked in places, more of a case of there being places where it didn’t leak… but not many. Soon I was completely soaked. Somebody’s thrown a bucket of water over me soaked.


Never mind, since I’m fucking sopping anyway it makes no difference how long I stay out there looking for the sodding strut. I determine that I will find the little bleeder if it’s the last thing I do. Ten minutes later the amount of water falling out of the sky appears, miraculously in the light of the amount that was falling out of it, anyway, to have doubled. Things over 20 yards or so distant disappear in a haze of falling rain.

Bollocks to this, I decide. I’m going to give up. I start blundering through the grass to the nearest path and immediately happen up on the strut by accident. A little compassion from on high, I think and a small moral victory. Thank you.

My phone rings. It’s as soaking wet as the rest of me. It’s Mr BC to say he’s about 5 minutes away from home. I am too, I tell him. I squelch back, nice not to have to worry about walking through the puddles, even though it’s a public footpath and they mainly comprise rusty dog water. We arrive at the same time. Kindly soul that he is, while I remove every stitch of clothing – all sodden – throw the bits that can stand it into the washing machine and hang the kites, barbour and shoes up to dry he runs me a steaming hot bath.

As I sink thankfully into the boiling waters a deep sense of contentment steeps into my bones, along with the heat. I gained something from not giving up and once again, I realise how lucky I am that my best friend just happens to be my husband.



1. mrsmetaphor - 23, August 2007

Mr BC is a treasure, babe!

2. chrisfiore5 - 23, August 2007

wow, I haven’t heard of such a traumatic day with the kites since Charlie Brown and Lucy. Are you sure there wasn’t a scarfed and goggled beagle out there flying around on top of his doghouse wrecking havoc with your strut and shouting “Curse you Red Baron!” ?

P.S. flying a kite in stormy weather is not of sound mind…


3. Geldoff - 23, August 2007

Not related to a certain Mr Franklin by any chance … ? Lurved the comment about husband + best friend, you lucky thing you! “Rusty dog water” – another famous BC-ism I think! 🙂

4. Mrs. Nicklebee - 25, August 2007

See? God does care about your adventures in kiting, even if you are a potty mouth! 😉

You are so blessed to be married to your best friend. 🙂 Never take that fact for granted.

5. Geldoff - 25, August 2007

Oh for fuck’s sake, Mrs N, … “a potty mouth”??? How’s BC sposed to maintain her celebrated “Restricted” rating on mingle2.com without throwing in a few craps, wanks, shites and fucks? Is this blog on before the watershed then?

6. babychaos - 27, August 2007

Chrisfiore… not to worry it was stormy but not in an electric-tastic way. Geldoff, yes, I do have a restricted rating to live up to but I am a potty mouth anyway – very little of my life happens before the watershed! Mrs N and M and Mr G yes I bloody am blessed. A lucky lucky bleeder!



7. babychaos - 27, August 2007

PS. “Rusty Dog Water” is, indeed, my own! 😉

Cheers (again)


8. Martha Mihaly - 28, August 2007

Well if it is of any solice, my duaghter let go of out delta and it flew .5 km to a hydro line where the reel became entangled. We could watch it for a day from the living room window….flying itself. Finally the string broke and the kite was set free. Maybe you’ve seen it at your house?

9. Mrs. Nicklebee - 28, August 2007

Geldoff, fwiw, my comment was related to two threads, this one and the one where “God” told her she shouldn’t swear. 😉

I am reminded of a huge kite I saw at a kite flight a few years ago. The guy was flying it using a couple of fishing polls. Apparently the rods and reels where quite helpful in keeping that huge monster under control. haha I can’t for the life of me remember what kind of kite it was, just that it was huge, and cool.

10. RubyShooZ - 29, August 2007

BC, I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’ve been feeling utterly exhausted and not well lately. I’ve been thinking of you and now that I’ve come, I see that you are once again out having fun, playing with kites and jumping in puddles – you have so much fun and it warms my heart to hear of such a fun lovin’ lady and her beautiful husband. Y’all sound so much in love it’s touching.

Peace, love and no rain for my girl.

11. babychaos - 29, August 2007

Martha, that sounds like a bummer! In that case, I’m doubly glad I managed to hold onto the other string! Mrs N, that sounds WAAAAAY cool, I want one! Rubyshooz, I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time so I am glad to think my exploits keep you chipper. Don’t worry if your visits are sporadic, this should be fun, not a duty. You just drop by whenever you feel like it!

Take care y’all! 😉



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