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Check this monster! 31, August 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play.
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Yesterday morning I found a whopping great spider in the bath, so huge I had to take a photo. The plug hole is about 4 inches across so as you can see, it’s a big mother.

Before all you Johnny foreigners get all “ours are bigger” on me, I should point out that one of the most venomous spider bites is that of the British house spider, it just hasn’t sharp enough teeth to break the average animal or human’s skin. Here’s hoping there are no mutations any time soon.* *

Big fuck off spider (for England).

*Ok, I live in Britain. We have one poisonous creature in our entire island and that’s a 3ft snake – well… apart from the black widows and scorpions which can be found around some of our ports but they’ve escaped from crates of imported fruit and they’re not indigenous so they don’t count.

There are, no man or bird eating spiders in the UK and for us this is as big as it gets for spiders. In fact for a British spider, this thing is fricking huge!

* Sorry, it turns out that’s a load of old bollocks!  Damn!  It was so exciting.  Never mind…



1. Mark Kenny - 31, August 2007

I hate those spiders. I’m not really bothered by spiders in general, but these ones are horrible.

I like the ones with the big orb-shaped bodies, they’re pretty. And the zebra spiders which turn round and look straight back at you if you look at them. They’re great. They jump really far, too. Feisty!

But these hairy ones I absolutely detest. Just thinking about them makes me think that there’s a million of them at this second weakening the wall so that they can all get in and eat me during the night.

2. Geldoff - 31, August 2007

I watched a natural history documentary about these a couple of years ago and this is the time of year that they go looking for a mate to cosy up with so they’re more common just now.

It’s probably no consolation, BC, but that (little) spider is waaa-aaay more scared of you than you are of it. 🙂 Just imagine what a towering you (brandishing a rolled up newspaper) looks like to it!

Sorry to burst the bubble but the venemous British spider (daddy long-legs) story is a myth. If their teeth weren’t sharp enough to pierce human skin then they never would have bitten anyone and we wouldn’t know that they’re poisonous. More info here: http://spiders.ucr.edu/daddylonglegs.html

What did you do with the one taking a bath?

3. Joe - 1, September 2007

Geez. Did you hear it from the other room, stomping around in your tub?

Just about everything around here either stings or bites you, but just about all of them will kill you. Every day we’re reminded of the fact that we’re living in their world, and not the other way around.


4. Geldoff - 1, September 2007

“Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?” From what you’ve just said, I now know! 🙂 (Apologies to J. Hendrix.)

5. babychaos - 1, September 2007

Actually, I picked it up in my hands and chucked it out of the window which is what I always do. I’m not scared of spiders at all but I am completely freaked out by slime which is why I practically throw up if I touch a slug or snail and also whey I get freaked by dogs. They’re fine at a distance but not when I’m close enough for the generosity of their saliva sharing habits to make an impact.

Gutted the spider isn’t poisonous, I won’t feel half as brave picking it up in future and Mark, absolutely with you about the bouncy ones and the ones with the big bodies like a hazel nut!

Joe, I sympathise, I liked the idea of going trecking near Flagstaff until somebody told me about all the rattlers… oh yes and the black widows… and scorpions… eeek! The ol’ u s of a is a lot more untamed than people think! 😉



6. Geldoff - 1, September 2007

Okay, BC, you got me! I just wouldn’t, nay, couldn’t have picked it up!!! Moths – okay, dogs – okay, but spiders – nah. More power to you! We are not worthy, we are not worthy (prostrating himself on floor) 🙂

7. Rua MacTírean - 1, September 2007

What in the name of God have you been feeding that thing with-antelope? Thats massive! Masif Central even

8. Mrs. Nicklebee - 1, September 2007

Oh my gosh! You actually touched that thing? You are so brave!! Seeing a spider like that would definitely make my world fade to gray for a minute there. And then I’d slip off a Birkie and make sure the thing never bothers me again.

9. ali - 4, September 2007

oh wow. I would completely lose it. I would get out of the bathroom, shut the door and tape the sides of the door so it can’t get out.

I will not rest until someone comes to pick it up and move it someplace far away or squash it dead.

i don’t mind the small spiders..but four inches across is humongous!

10. nniinnii - 29, March 2008

omg thats huge i can go near that . wow i would scream so loud alaska cold here me

11. babychaos - 29, March 2008

It’s an impressive monster isn’t it!?



12. Darren - 3, July 2008

omg just had one of those big spiders next to my bed tonight. I don’t like them but think it’s too cruel to kill them so I chased it round the room with a dustbuster and left it on the far side off the room.

13. goggzy - 8, August 2008

no matter how many times u put them house spiders out side they always find there way back in the best way to get rid of the is to get a news paper a role it up then wack it then put it out side the bugga wont come back in

14. Nikki - 29, August 2008

I had FOUR in my room the other night. They’re horrible, they never run away, instead it’s them chasing me. Doesn’t help when i have a pheobia of them, but nice to know they’re not venimous or bite.

15. Jodie - 16, September 2008

Theres one of these in my kitchen right now:(!! My foot nearly touched it when i was coming back from the bathroom!!! I’ve never jumped so high in my life.
Now im upstairs completely freaking out knowing that beast in still in my house ( hey that rhymes;)! ) and i have wedged my dressing gown under the door just incase the crazy bastard decides to try and bust his way into my bedroom.
Although he is so huge he could probably knock the door down:( Arghh.

16. Andy - 21, August 2009

i had a spider run on to my bed a couple of months ago an i jumped well away shrieking my flamin head off (had to get my little sister to remove it for me 😦 😦 ) but im getting better last time i saw one about the same sixe as yours BC i took out my crossbow an shot it from about 2mtrs away (i wasn’t getting any closer than that) any one know how to get rid of arachnaphobia please share your knowledge

17. trev - 9, September 2009

Well, from where I’m from I don’t have those kind of spiders. I have the black widow in my state ………. but I rarely see them.

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