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…And another thing! 11, September 2007

Posted by babychaos in Art, General Wittering, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play, writing.
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I need a job and…

Oh yeh!  And I’d like to be a professional illustrator too…


1. Geldoff - 11, September 2007

How about a job as a Swearing Consultant (or a F***king Swearing Consultant if you’d prefer 🙂 ). There’s lots of swearing on the telly these days but they don’t know how to do it properly. What the Beeb and ITV etc needs is someone who knows: how to swear properly for maximum effect, appropriate swearing, the multiple cuss where ordinary swear words are intertwined in interesting ways to make new compound swear words, classic sea-faring swear words, and the short, sharp, shock swear words with no warning to elicit the sharp intake of breath.

Who better than someone with experience, someone who laughs in the face of the swearless (HA HA HA!), … someone with a Restricted rating from mingle2.com?!

BC you’re a sinch for the position! (Go gurl, go gurl, go gurl …)

2. Joe - 11, September 2007

You need a job? I thought you had at least two, and were cutting back?

You fall off the employment wagon?

3. babychaos - 13, September 2007

Well… I have one job I get paid for, one and a half I guess and two jobs I would LIKE people to pay me for… so the jobs I need are the two that I don’t get paid for… I want to be a paperback writer and an artist. I want to get paid for both.

At the moment I get paid for writing corporate puff and I also earn for illustrated names. I’m not doing very well at getting paid for my other illustration work… or the fabulous book I’m writing (phnark).

Geldoff… I can fucking swear like no other fucker! You’re right, the position is surely mine! Mwah ha ha haaargh! (thank you Terry Pratchett for showing the world how to write down a manic laugh).



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