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Things to go in Room 101, number 364 19, September 2007

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, General Wittering, Grumpy Old Bag, Life and living, Light Fluff, whinging, winging.

Dog Pooh.

All dog pooh in parks or on paths. Anyone who has ridden a mountain bike with knobbly tyres will understand this one implicitly, my front tyres are exceptionally knobbly, grippy and generally fantastic… except clods of mud tend to fly off them onto my shins. Mmm… so I have to be careful what I ride through. Ack!

People who let their dogs poop and don’t clear it up should be tied up and clods of it thrown at their shins or smeared all over the carpets on the insides of their cars so they can share and truly appreciate the gifts they bestow on the rest of us. That also includes the people who bag it and lob it into trees… I kid you not, they do!

I haven’t had a nasty shin experience yet but this morning I came close. A narrow gate and somebody has let their dog shit right in the middle of the path in the exact spot where you would walk in it if you weren’t looking. Ew… I hope it does the next one in their bath water.



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 19, September 2007

ROFLMHO! I’m sorry! It’s not funny! It’s just that my Mother was just fuming about the next door neighbors allowing their dog to go in my parents’ front yard. I think she feels about the way you do about the matter. I totally agree. We dog people need to be considerate of others.

2. JoeDrinker - 19, September 2007

As a fellow mountain biker, I have to say I’m not all that concerned with what flies onto my shins. Although, typically around here, any type of droppings are superheated to a fossilized state within in a few minutes of touching ground. I imagine over there the stuff could stay damp for days, eh?

What I do care about is the gunk that sits on the trail and gets tossed up into my mouth. Ugh.

3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 19, September 2007

Oh gag!!

4. babychaos - 19, September 2007

Yuck Joe! CAB (Chunder Birds are Go). It does stay damp for a long time over here… sometimes it grows white fur! Mmm Mmm!

Mrs N, my mother in law had a similar experience, she asked them to take the dog somewhere else to do it’s stuff and they said they would but of course, they never did. So, eventually she collected each one, each day in a bucket until the bucket was full, then, on a nice sunny day when they were out in the garden she popped her head over the fence and after a brief chat said.

“Oh! I have something for you.” She emptied the bucket over the fence onto their garden and smiling sweetly said. “I believe these are yours…”

All poohing on her front lawn ceased forthwith! 😉



5. Geldoff - 19, September 2007

… or there’s another remedy:

1. Collect the offending turds,
2. put them into a paper bag,
3. take it to your neighbour’s front door
4. set the paper bag on fire
5. ring the doorbell
6. watch with immense satisfaction as your neighbour stamps out the burning paper bag and its contents.

6. Joe - 20, September 2007

My old boss, an ex-hockey player, would go out in his front yard in the mornings and pitch the muffins back across the street onto the patio of the offending dog-owning neighbors.

I wonder if they ever pondered why when they let their dog out he would consistently crap all over their front patio, or how the dog managed to explode some four feet high onto their own front door.

7. Mrs. Nicklebee - 24, September 2007

Geldoff!!! LOL I never saw #6 coming!! That’s hilarious!!!

8. Fred - 3, November 2007

i totally agree with you….. i have had that experience on my bike, it was the worst feeling ever

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