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More for Room 101 20, September 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Grumpy Old Bag.

I can’t comment on anyone’s sites any more… I leave a comment and nothing happens, I try to leave it again and WordPress says “oops, you’ve already said that”… So Joe, Ruby and a number of others apologies for not appearing to visit any more, I do but I’ve been gagged.


Captain’s Blog Supplemental.
The mere expedient of mentioning this means that after about 5 days of gaggedness, it looks like I may have fixed it. Perhaps, things that break and then suddenly start to function perfectly again the minute you mention them, should be in Room 101 too… actually I’m sure there’s a fairy in this somewhere.

Yep, those pesky Break-things-until-you-despair-and-call- the-engineer-only-to-find-it-works-perfectly-well-when- HE-tests-it-Fairies…

Hmm… I’ll have to think of a snappier name…

The technological embarrassment fairies? The technically embarrassing fairies.

I can just imagine them, I bet they’re small and tubby and they wear a grey cotton t-shirt with indigo jean dungarees… I doubt they have any hair either and each one carries three spanners in his top pocket and a pencil behind his ear. I expect there’s also a screwdriver about each one’s person somewhere. They nick essential components from hard and software only returning them at the moment which will be most embarrassing for you.

I’ll stop now… you’ll be worrying. I haven’t gone la-la but I can see how it might look like I have.



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 21, September 2007

I had a couple of your comments show up in the spam filter quite a while back. I don’t know why. You had posted several comments prior to that without problem and the ones I found in the spam filter were “safe”. Interesting.

2. Geldoff - 21, September 2007

Sounds more like a “Spasm” filter Mrs N! 🙂

3. Martha Mihaly - 22, September 2007

Hmm, technology is great. We hear endlessly form the durg salespeople, yet the people we would like to hear from are blocked….

4. RubyShooZ - 23, September 2007

It’s okay BC, I did find one of your coments in the spam but if you’re still having trouble, try writing support for wordpress during the week.. Much love and peace,

~ RS ~

5. mrsmetaphor - 23, September 2007

I think you’ve been voted off the island…mwahahahahahaha….

6. babychaos - 24, September 2007

It certainly looks like it… although things have been better the last couple of days since Firefox updated itself again… maybe there was a bug…




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