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Room 101, I’ve got it… 25, September 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Grumpy Old Bag, Life and living, Light Fluff, whinging, winging.

Yep, I’ve worked it out, it happened to me before when I was editing a site about bus timetables (yes, I used to do that kind of thing for a living, what’s more scary though, the fact I did or the fact I enjoyed it?). It was using a content management system not so different from WordPress and I kept finding I’d do half an hour’s work, save it, all would be fine and then three minutes later the whole thing would disappear. As I was working in raw code for the most part, this was exceptionally annoying the first time. After that I made sure I saved text files of everything, clutters up the hard drive but it’s well worth it.

Different servers refresh at different rates, so my version of the internet is the version on my ISP’s servers. As far as I understand it, this can cause me problems if my ISP only refreshes its content say, every 20 minutes and WordPress refreshes it’s servers more often.

So, for example, the long comment I wrote to Mrs M yesterday, in reply to hers on my article about baby making whinging, though it showed on my site as live, has completely disappeared. Presumably because I was, technically, writing it on a version of my site which didn’t exist by that time, since WordPress had already refreshed itself and my server hadn’t. So, when my server refreshed it updated with the most recent version, that on WordPress rather than it’s own and hey presto, all my work is lost.

The only way around it? Change my ISP to one which refreshes the same speed it’s previous owners did (no thanks) or save everything as text files and keep saying it until finally, the next day, I find it’s stuck.

I think I will report this one to WordPress, just in case there’s anything they can do or any work around they can point me to, I will also report it to skinflint Virgin Media whose tardy refreshing is causing the problem.

So conflicting server refresh rates, another object for Room 101, I think.

PS if this is a load of old bollocks and there’s something I can actually do – apart from convincing a corporate behemoth to change it’s policy on something, I mean – please enlighten me/let me know.



1. RubyShooZ - 25, September 2007

How bout writing it in (ugh) word as a document then posting?
Another thought is this program :

http://lightning.communityserver.com/ The wordperfect lightening thing you can write in and then send it to your blog. I was using it for a while but don’t anymore. Can’t remember why. Even FF has that option, no? I’m trying to familiarize myself with FF since, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve been using IE. I had Opera too but that was on my other puter and don’t have it on the laptop I’ve been using.

I’m wishing you a peaceful beautiful day today.
~ RS ~

2. Joe Drinker - 29, September 2007

I think that if your blog platform requires time travel to make it work, it just may be too complicated.

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