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Isn’t nature wonderful… 26, September 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Humour, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play.
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You are looking at Happy Lady today. Not that I’m up and down like a tart’s drawers or anything but today when I woke up and saw the force 9 gale blowing outside, I went to the gym. The rowing machine is my new friend.

Anyway, continuing the theme of happy lightness, one of my mates just sent me this amusing little vid.

Apparently, a seagull has started nicking crisps from a shop in Aberdeen. It waits until the shopkeeper isn’t looking and then it nips in, grabs a packet of Doritos and nips out. Once outside the other seagulls descend on the bag and help him rip it apart. The contents is consumed in a feeding frenzy and then he waits until the shopkeeper isn’t looking… etc.

The whole escapade has got to the point where locals are egging it on but in sympathy for the shopkeeper, are paying for the crisps! It only ever eats Doritos but I suspect that’s more to do with their being on the bottom shelf nearest the door than any taste preferences…

As my mate pointed out, the best bit is the way the Seagull goes in quite cautiously and runs like buggery on the way out. ‘Scuse the crap quality of the vid but I thought it was still worth posting!

Seagull Crisp Thief

Captain’s blog: supplemental.

I have done a foolish thing but been spared retribution! I filled up my palette with inks and left it on my desk while I finished this post. I have just watched, in a kind of fascinated horror, while my cat, who is the biggest spanner on earth, yes he makes Frank Spencer look like the world’s most graceful man such is his clumsiness, walked through them. Somehow, despite the fact he stopped half across my ink tray to have a sneezing fit (yes, it was very funny to watch) he has managed to walk away with ink free feet. This is good for our house, our carpets, our couch… and also amazing possibly even slightly miraculous.



1. mrsmetaphor - 26, September 2007

Oh, that is so great!

My dog does that…sneak up all stealthy like, grabs it, runs like a fiend…

I love the rowing machine too..great workout and it feels a lot better for some reason than the treadmill, maybe because I’m sitting down LOL.

2. chrisfiore5 - 26, September 2007

of course the onlookers have to chip in, where would the little guy put his change purse?


3. chrisfiore5 - 26, September 2007

“chip” in… get it?

4. babychaos - 27, September 2007

Mrs M, right with you, I was thinking about our cat but it’s the same deal and as for the rowing machine, well, that’s the reason I started to ride a bike!

Chrisfiore, that’s a cheesy and corny, much like the Doritos in question.



5. RubyShooZ - 28, September 2007

Hah! The sauntering in then running out – he’s funny!

Kitties in the paints eh? Is he/she at all artistic?

BC, been thinking warm thoughts of you.
Peace and doritos.
~ RS ~

6. babychaos - 28, September 2007

Our cat is probably worthy of a whole post, some day. It’s a he and he’s not particularly artistic although he likes to type things, too. Hence the occasional piece of Norwegian on here.

He’s a rescue cat so he’s a bit of a plank, he picks a human each morning, usually but not necessarily me and then follows them around all day. He gets very annoyed with us when we don’t do what he wants nagging and swearing at us – you know how they swear through the window at birds? Like that.

What he wants is usually, for us to do what we normally do, getting down to work in our respective workspaces, only more quickly, so he can follow us and settle down the important task of catching some serious, executive zeds. Every now and again he will wake up and demanded to be petted. Then it’s back to bed again.

He also likes us to stroke him while he eats and at certain times of the day nags us mercilessly both for that and “japes”. We each have our own allocated japes. I am nagged until I play the Laser Pointer game with him, Mr BC until he throws cat biscuits through the bannisters for him to chase and catch.

That said he is an incredibly loving creature, he made it patently obvious, from the word go, that he intended to stay with us. He was full grown when we got him and at the start, even though he was too frightened to let us touch him he would follow us around and sit near us.

When he was feeling really brave, he used to climb onto my lap and purr for a minute or two but then he’d lose his bottle, bite me and run. For a long time the only way we could interact and bond with him was through play. He still avoids contact from all but a few, privileged, visitors to the house but he is ludicrously soppy now, showing us his tummy at every available opportunity and seeking love and attention… well… most of the time!



7. Noble Savage - 28, September 2007

That is hilarious! I hope Doritos doesn’t find out about this or they will probably send someone down there to capture the bird and make it their new spokesanimal.

8. babychaos - 28, September 2007

Blimey, that’s a horrible and probably very perceptive thought! Watch out seagulls of Aberdeen, the man from Doritos is coming!




9. Joe Drinker - 29, September 2007

They should put some of those “Flamin’ Hot” Doritos on the bottom shelf and see how long that keeps up. I bet they decide it’s not worth it.

10. Noble Savage - 1, October 2007

A Doritos question for you native Brits: why are the ones in the blue packets called Cool Original? Did they come out before the nacho cheese kind? I ask because in the States the blue ones are called Cool Ranch and while I understand that you don’t get Ranch dressing here so it makes sense to leave off that word, I wonder why they added the ‘Original’ in the UK.

Yes, I have way too much time on my hands.

11. babychaos - 1, October 2007

I’m not sure… as I remember it, blue was some strange crisp flavour not available in the states like salt and vinegar or sour cream and chives. Then one day, suddenly, it turned into a not very of anything flavour and the red ones became the stronger ones…

Ditto re the time!



12. cowgalutah - 2, October 2007

I agree with Joe, let’s switch it up and give the little bird something new to try.
P.S. nice place here!

13. babychaos - 2, October 2007

Hello there cowgal! Glad ya like ma place! I will speak to my contacts in Aberdeen and see if they can arrange with the shopkeeper to switch crisps!



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