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Where have I been? 1, October 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living.
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Hospital. ALL fricking DAY!  Never mind, instead of seeming a bit extortionate the £2.50 flat rate for parking seems quite good value for FOUR WHOLE HOURS!  Mmm.

So yes, Mr BC and I have made another baby, once again, via a single debauched drunken shag.

However. Ah yes, there’s always a “but”.

It may not be a go-er and it’s probably ectopic.

Or is that pain of the infection which I also have?

We won’t know for sure until I have a scan on Friday, although the blood test results are good.  Lots of HGV* hormones in the blood.

In the meantime, it’s double strength on-the-wagon for the sake of the antibiotics as well as any possible future spawn which might be in the offing.

I will probably be rather quiet until then since thinking about it is doing my head in and trying to concentrate on anything makes it worse.  In fact, the only way not to dwell on it is to sit around like a big lemon reading other people’s blogs, watching telly, playing video games or pursuing other supremely time wasting yet uncomplicated activities.

So, more on this story… Later.

* Yes, I KNOW it’s not HGV as in lorry, that’s a joke.  I’m completely aware it’s my levels of human chorionic gonadotrophin – or the rather more snappy HCG, for short – we are looking at and yes, I only put the whole name in because anything that long which contains the word “Gonad” has got to be worth a mention.



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 1, October 2007

Oh ((((((((((BC))))))))))! Praying for you!

2. Kat - 2, October 2007

Crossing my fingers for you. *hugs*

3. ali - 2, October 2007

you’ll be in our prayers BC, also your Mr.BC.
I really hope that this is it.

rooting for you,


4. liberrydwarf - 2, October 2007

*echoes all sentiments above*

*was bitten by a baby today and thinks you’re crazy, by the way*

*wonders if “rooting for you” wasn’t maybe a bad choice of words in this situation, ali? Or does that just have another meaning down here in Australia?*

5. babychaos - 2, October 2007

Hello everyone. Big thank you’s, for all you kind messages guys, after about 3 doses of antibiotics the pain is not as bad which would look like good news but after last time, I’m not expecting anything much… even so, we’ve made two babies now which proves, unequivocably that we can.

Liberrydwarf, I’m not sure about rooting for you… in Blighty it can – and usually does – mean supporting you but in a kind of jolly hockey sticks, sporty, cheering you on kind of way. It can also mean digging for you as in ferreting about under trees for you as if you are a truffle but that one doesn’t come up so often…

I’m very intrigued now, what’s the Aussie version?



6. Kat - 3, October 2007

Rooting, in Oz, means … well, shagging. Which is a lovely double entendre, I reckon, since I’m assuming that’s how you got to this point. 😀

7. babychaos - 3, October 2007

As they say on Titty Bang-Bang “How Hilarious!”

I’ll have to remember that if I go there!

Thank you so much for enlightening me. It is too. One drunken bunk up and that was it!



8. RubyShooZ - 3, October 2007

I’m gonna offer up a cautious congratulations here today. I sure wish you both all the best. Much love and many hugs!

Peace and babies.

~ RS ~

9. Noble Savage - 3, October 2007

Strength and blessings to you. Roll on Friday!


10. GeekLady - 5, October 2007

I don’t do words well, but you’ve got my love and prayers.

11. Michelle Dunn - 30, June 2008

We’ll be praying for you tonight! I’m sure though that everything WILL BE OKAY!! 🙂

Wishing you the best!

Free Help Trying To Concieve From a Mother Who’s Been There 🙂

12. babychaos - 30, June 2008

Michelle… thanks, everything went fine… in fact, shrimp in question is now two and a half week old Tommy.



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