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I drink mauve goo… 2, October 2007

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…And I like it as well.

I have been on a bit of a get-fit-get-thin programme recently and as part of my efforts I have been experimenting with smoothies.

Smoothies are great because they are full of fruity goodness and absolutely enormously filling. One smoothie and you are guaranteed an anaconda moment*.

I use the Rolls Royce of wand blenders, the Bamix because I’ve got better things to do with my time than spend half an hour removing pieces of smashed up pip from the ubiquitous difficult-to-get-to-corners, found in all pukka blenders and smoothie makers, with a tooth pick.

Check this out. It’s blackberries whizzed up and sieved to remove the claggy bits, live yogurt, milk and a little fruit sugar. The result is a kind of black goo until you add the milk then it goes vivid purple, which, as you can see, is not a million miles away from the lovely blue beer fest logo on the mug.


This picture doesn’t quite do it justice, so here it is again, close up.


I can’t wait to give this to somebody’s child and tell them it’s Yeti Juice or Giant Dinosaur Blood.

Mmm Mmm!

* Anaconda Moment: The effect of a meal so huge that you are ready to believe that you can survive at least six months without eating again, preferably comatose, to aid digestion.



1. Moe - 2, October 2007

If you do give it to someone’s child, BC, you’ll have to post an update of how it went 🙂

I think Yeti Juice or Giant Dinosaur Blood sound like good things for a little boy’s birthday party.


2. babychaos - 2, October 2007

I certainly will! I think it would go down better for boys unless I could find a way of suggesting it was fairy lemonade or something girlie for girls!



3. Joe Drinker - 2, October 2007

Hmmm. “Anaconda moment” meant something else completely in my mind. Maybe I was thinking movement.

4. Brian - 2, October 2007

JD strikes again!

On a more serious note, I know a friend of mine was on a smoothie kick for quite a while until he read the nutrition facts on his beverage of choice. It was nearly a thousand calories! Of course, these were the fast-food variety of smoothie from one of those shops name “Smoothie Samurai” or something like that. I assume the ones you blend up are a bit lower in mysterious superfluous high-calorie goo than those prepared by the chains.

That reminds me, I bought a bad of frozen mixed berries for just this reason. I outta blend my self one tonight!

5. Brian - 2, October 2007

Wow, look at all those typos! LOL!

Brian the fat-fingered

6. babychaos - 3, October 2007

You naughty, dirty boys! Brian, “the fat fingered” (chuckling). I’d guess the calorific smoothies are full of full-fat yogurt, cream and sugar… I could imagine it’s very easy to load up the calories… If you use fruit sugar, fat free yogurt and skimmed milk you still get a lovely smoothie but it’s probably less of a heart attack on a stick.

If it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only tubby fingered typo typer round here! I type pretty much each word twice, wrong, delete, right… and I still leave plenty of typos!



7. Mrs. Nicklebee - 3, October 2007

I had something different in mind, too, in reference to anaconda moments, but it had more to do with Ex-lax than X-ratings.

Do you have to shop somewhere special for fruit sugar? I was just reading yesterday about glycemic loads and am heartened to know that all sugar and carbs do not have the same effect on blood sugar, depending on how they’re processed (whether they’re still in the fruit in their mostly original form or processed to death, i.e. white sugar).

Your smoothie looks deeeelicious!

8. Joe Drinker - 4, October 2007

Ha ha! Not that it makes for a better image, but I wasn’t thinking in the X-rated direction, but more of a scatological one. For what it’s worth. 😉

9. babychaos - 4, October 2007

Joe… no not much of an improvement!

Mrs N, I buy it from a health food shop – Holland & Barrett but I suspect that’s a very British one so I’m not sure you’d find it.

The diet I follow is the Montignac method – the main book is called “How to eat yourself slim and stay slim” and the guy’s name is Michael Montignac. The basic gist is that you eat complex carbohydrates because they have a lower GI rating, you avoid sugar, which means eschewing just about anything you might buy ready to eat from a shop and you combine foods so you eat your fats, proteins and vegetables together or your proteins, carbohydrates and veg but you mustn’t eat fats and carbs together.

For me the big benefit of is that it I still get to eat sweet things and my biggest love, cheese. At the same time, it makes me feel less hungry so I feel a lot more comfortable and eat less without feeling dissatisfied. I haven’t lost that much weight although most of the other people I know who’ve tried it have. Fructose is one of the sweeteners he recommends, I use it for everything now, cakes, puddings, even meringues! It rocks. I think the book’s for sale on Amazon if you’re interested…



10. Mrs. Nicklebee - 4, October 2007

That diet sounds very similar to what is found in the book Sugar Busters. It has been a long time since I’ve read it but they, too, suggested eating carbs and fats/proteins separately, like eating a proteinous meal and a carb snack, after the protein and fat have had a chance to be used.

Sugar Busters is satisfying, too, unlike the initiation phase of Atkins, where you feel as though you’ve never been sicker of bacon and red meat in your life.

Does Montignac recommend starting out with a more restricted diet for the first week or two to get your body in the groove?

JD, great minds …

Btw, BC, I love the yeti juice idea. Yetis are more of a novelty than dinos.

11. lea alissa - 5, October 2007

Yay Yeti Juice! That’s something I would like to tell all my kiddie friends about..
but I forgot, I’m not a kid anymore..jeez. you came 16 years too late BC.

12. liberrydwarf - 9, October 2007

*gags* Yum cha moment…

13. babychaos - 9, October 2007

Lea, it’s always too early to grow up, I’d strongly recommend not bothering!

Liberrydwarf it’s very tasty and nutritious… um… honest.

Mrs M, Montignanc goes in two phases, phase one is quite severe, no more than a total glycemic index of 40 per meal but then you go into phase two, which is how he reckons you are supposed to eat for ever and it’s much laxer. To be honest, once you’ve got yourself to the point where you’re not feeling hungry in the same way you can be incredibly slack with phase two and not gain weight… Definitely recommended.



14. lea alissa - 4, November 2007

heehee..I didn’t get old, but all my friends did. except for the mister! hahaha..so you can just imagine how crazy our home gets…we live, laugh, love and fight like kids. if I ever write about getting old, please remind me that I once told you this…:D

oh, and because we haven’t got blackberries here, and because I like chocolate, I made brown goo instead…:)

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