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Translate your Web Pages into the language of the Sweedish Chef… er… off the Muppets. 12, October 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Light Fluff, Play.
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Do you use Firefox?

Would you like to be able to translate normal web pages into the language of the Sweedish Chef from the Muppets?

Well relax, because now you can. Just visit this link and choose to install the Bork Bork Bork programme and you will soon be reading fluent Sweedish Chef.


Because you can… or should that be Becoose-a yuoo cun.




1. Translate your Web Pages into the language of the Sweedish Chef … - 12, October 2007

[…] You can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

2. Joe Drinker - 13, October 2007

This seems like one of those fun things that I install and then can’t figure out how to turn it off or uninstall later.

3. Geldoff - 14, October 2007

(Just back from 3 weeks in lovely Canada – what a nice bunch of people Canadians are!)

FWIW you can do the same in IE through the “Preferences” link, which allows you to change your language to a multitude of real languages in addition to Elmer Fudd (as in “Pwefwences”) and, of course, Klingon.

Glad to hear that you’re well ind in famous good spirit, BC, and fingers crossed for you and your parcel!

4. babychaos - 15, October 2007

Joe… I hear you, I have loads of things like that on my computer! Actually it is pretty straightforward but I have inadvertently borked the odd thing and given myself a nasty surprise.

Geldoff – Canada eh? Glad you had a good time, I didn’t realise you could do that with IE, I always eschew it on the grounds of all those rumours about having dodgy code in it…! Hmm….



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