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Shameless Self Promotion 15, October 2007

Posted by babychaos in Art, careers, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play, Work.
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Hello there everyone, I’m here with my shameless self promotion/begging for advice hat on, today.

I have done some Christmas card designs and I am thinking of getting them printed up and selling them… I can only afford 60 sets of 8 cards, either with four designs or with two. So… your mission Jim, if you choose to accept it, is to decide which ones you like and tell me in the comments section, below! Yes… I am using and abusing you for market research!

I get so many hits to my art site from the States that I’ve stuck them on Zazzle – I reckon it’d be easier to sell to the States and easier for people living there to buy them from Zazzle. So if any of you over the pond want want to buy some, feel free to go right ahead, for some reason though, if you use this link here to get to my gallery, I get more money… I don’t really quite understand how but there you go.

Anyway, here we go, naturally all cards are © me…

Angels with Sensible Footwear: Because you can’t tell me floating about in the sky in a white robe in all weathers with nothing more than peep-toe sandals on and very possibly no pants wouldn’t be i) draughty and ii) potentially embarrassing on windy days.


Now, now children, don’t play with your food: Because I’m sure Robins like a game of catch the cashew as much as the average human


Puds: Because they can and pudding cards are always boring.


Frosty the Abominable Snowman: Because this is the kind of thing kids actually want to build. I don’t believe I’m the only one…

Abominable Snow Man



1. Dru - 15, October 2007

I LOVE Frosty the Abominable Snowman and Angels with Sensible Footwear is quite nifty too 🙂

2. Alabaster Crippens - 15, October 2007

I’m with Dru, Angel’s brilliant, and the snow man’s cool too.

3. GeekLady - 15, October 2007

…Will you accept pre-orders? I love them all, and want all 4.

4. Mrs. Nicklebee - 16, October 2007

I like Frosty and the Angel w/ Sensible Shoes.

OT: I LOVE the dinos. That card is so sweet!

5. RubyShooZ - 16, October 2007

I can’t make choices!!! My favorite though is the angel with the sensible shoes.

Now, I don’t want to hear another mention of Christmas for a long while, ya hear??? That’s the third time tonight I”ve heard it and I’m putting my earplugs in now.

Hey, peace today my friend. I’m gonna go check out the link you put up. Thanks.


~ RS ~

6. babychaos - 16, October 2007

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and feedback. It’s most helpful! It also goes to show – I like Frosty, too but my second favourite is the puds! In answer to those of you who asked questions…

GeekLady, sadly I can only sell them through Zazzle at the moment, feel free to place an order if you’re happy paying by credit card on line – probably much safer through them than through me! Here’s the link.

Ruby, I know, I’m sorry, what can I say? I hate the early Christmas planning thing, too but if I’m going to get them printed I have to do it now!



7. ali - 17, October 2007

i like the angel. 🙂
can you make a tropical christmas card? it doesn’t snow in Manila. 🙂 also, I hate that the shops here sell christmas cards with snowmen..because we don’t get snow over here..

8. babychaos - 17, October 2007

Hi Ali, that sounds like a good idea, although I will probably leave it for this year, just because I reckon four is enough! Even so I already have an image in my mind’s eye of Santa in full kit, whinging about the heat!



9. Emon - 17, October 2007

Angels. Because it has a great title…and is ’bout shoooooes.

10. Bill Howdle - 17, October 2007

I guess I am going with the group, I like frosty and the angels.

11. GeekLady - 18, October 2007

Well, I love the puds. The concept of joyfully rampaging Christmas puddings fills me with glee.

I’m just fine with ordering them online, BC, I was just thinking you could maybe sell more if you got preorders.

12. babychaos - 18, October 2007

Emon and Bill, many thanks, Geek Lady, no worries, it’s a good plan but it’s cheaper for me to print them on zazzle and import them than to have them printed here – mainly because I have to pay VAT (daylight robbery) tax at 17.5% on having them printed but am unable to claim it back or sell them with it… In other words, after all that, it looks like Zazzle may be the only source.



13. cards - 21, November 2007

My favorite card is definitly the angel at the top! Great job!

14. babychaos - 21, November 2007

Cards, thank you very much! I ended up going with that one and the Abominable Snow Man.



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