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Not so Secret Squirrel… 23, October 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Grumpy Old Bag, Humour, Life and living, Pregnancy Issues, whinging.

I’m not very good at keeping secrets. So bad, in fact, that I’ve had to put myself in purdah. I can’t see my friends. I have to hide away because if I see anyone, I know I’ll tell them I am with child and I don’t want to Murry* the muffin – especially not after a weekend like this one for British sport with ITV people saying all over the shop that nothing can stop Lewis Hamilton or the English Rugby team, the net result, of course being that, in both cases, something did.

Oh how I long to be able to explain, like, really explain to my friends why I’ve been off colour so much in the last eight weeks… why my standard facial tone is grey, why I keep feeling faint and having to sit down… why I can’t remember my own name without cue cards, why I’m going to bed at half past nine each night, why I, bon viveur and all round philoenic am not drinking. Wouldn’t it be great?

I’ve another 4 weeks of secrecy to go and already the few friends I’ve dared see think I’m dying or something and it’s way freaky. I’m getting very lonely too, isolation is not so splendid.

On the up side, it’s also becoming more real, the midwife is coming to see me on Thursday…

* Just to explain, to my friends over the pond. The verb “to Murry” is the process of ensuring a sports personality or team loses, often by obscure, unlikely or downright freakishly unlucky circumstances – by proclaiming loudly, too early, that they are unbeatable.

This comes from a famous shouty (but highly entertaining – especially when partnered with James Hunt for a while) motor racing commentator, Murry Walker – sadly now retired – who tended to say things like “nothing can stop Mansell now” at the point where his tyre burst on the last lap and Alain Prost sailed past to win the World Championship instead or, ditto as the leading saloon car’s bonnet flew open obscuring all forward vision and causing the about-to-win driver to careen into the gravel trap on the last corner, instead of forwards, to the chequered flag some 100 yards further on… Even Murry realised his dark powers towards the end of his career and would qualify all “nothing can…” statements with “dare I say this…” or the like.



1. Kat - 23, October 2007

During my first pregnancy, I was busted by friends on several occasions because I decline alcohol!

2. Joe Drinker - 23, October 2007

Ah, but don’t shut-ins have the most entertaining blogs? Focus your mental energy on the digital friends in your life for a while, and then jump back into the physical world and surprise them all!

Hope things are going well.


3. babychaos - 23, October 2007

Kat, I’ve busted my friends like that too! Joe, bless your cottons, thanks!



4. mrsmetaphor - 23, October 2007

How did I miss this??? Is this your first reference to this particularly awesome and wonderful thing or did I space that entry? Wowzers…hooray!!!!

Keeping that secret is hard, I get that. I promise I won’t tell anyone in Tennessee, just in case.

And I’m so geeked about this news…seriously…I LOVE this…I’ll keep good thoughts and many prayers coming your way!

5. GeekLady - 24, October 2007

My first pregnancy was suspected by my mom because I declined to have a beer at their favorite local restaurant (which is also a microbrewery). That and they talked about the whole family going camping in June, which is when I was due, and I said “I don’t know, we’ll have to see how things work out.”

Later, my mom told me my dad was all hurt that I wasn’t enthusiastic about the camping, but he forgave me.

6. babychaos - 24, October 2007

Geek lady, that’s so sweet, I’m very glad your dad forgave you, Mrs M, nope, I’m not sure how you missed it either but it’s easily done, every now and again, when I have time, I have a quick shufty back at my blog list to make sure I’ve picked up everything, it’s amazing how many times I discover I’ve missed something, especially if their posts are sporadic!



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