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One of the luckiest phone calls ever made… probably. 25, October 2007

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They came, they saw and even though it’s buggered and we will need a new boiler soon, they fixed!

The total to pay?

Round and 0-shaped.

God Bless British Gas and all who sail in her!

We are going to get a new boiler, though – this one is about 15 years old, after all and bits of it have rusted together… For now, though we have heat. Hoorah! Especially handy since I am feeling very grim, today… revenge for yesterday where I felt relatively good. I am also, now, officially so bored I am going to start doing real work again.

Real work takes concentration and involves all the skills used writing BUT absolutely NO imagination is required. My imagination doesn’t seem to be working very well under Morning Sickness Conditions, hence what I thought was going to be a lovely few weeks lost in a world of my own making has transpired to be e-mail sending and sleeping… oh and writing my blog. The tedium of my own company has finally overwhelmed me so… real work here we come.

The midwife is coming to see me this afternoon which makes it all feel very official. Should be interesting…

In the meantime, I am sitting on our sofa with the special cat proof cover spread beside me and Chewie as close as he can get… yes, at least one of us has felt the cold this past 24 hours… He’s asleep but judging by the wittering and twitching that’s going on, dreaming vividly. A few minutes ago he even let out a long, low growl. Clearly, slumber land is action-packed this morning.



1. mrsmetaphor - 25, October 2007

Brilliant! Thus continuing your “jammie” tradition…lol

As an aside here’s a peek into my weird psyche…after I had my miscarriages and I got pregnant with my son I did NOTHING to stop my morning sickness, not even to comfort myself when it raged…it was almost like I clung to it with all my might, as if clinging to the sickness was my way of clinging to the baby…I didn’t want to miscarry again so I sort of thought of the morning sickness as a kind of penance…a good with the bad kind of thinking…

weird psyche, told you so.

If you don’t subscribe to that particular method of crazy then any kind of “ginger” tea is a good way to alleviate the nausea. Also, eating a little protein is a great bit of advice…eat small meals, just graze if you can. Drink lots of water. Take naps, lots of them if you can. You deserve to treat yourself REALLLY nicely.

Also, after my m/c…I bought myself flowers every week (not expensive ones really) just something to remind me of how blessed I felt, how in the moment it all is and the beauty of things in general…

2. babychaos - 25, October 2007

Mrs M… thank you for the handy hints there. Your psyche is not that weird, clearly, since I’m doing it too.

As for indulging myself… weeeellll…. you’ll be glad to know I’ve spent the whole day playing bubble shooter online… um… I’m not sure if this is a constructive use of my time but I’ve downloaded it to my iPaq I love it so much… waiting around when I have the next bunch of scans will be far more interesting!



3. lea alissa - 26, October 2007

🙂 glad things worked out. 🙂 i wish you all the best BC! 🙂

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