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Harmless fun… 26, October 2007

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, General Wittering, Humour, Light Fluff, Play, whinging, winging.
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Remember a while back I rather vented my spleen about the difference between what Windows dialogue boxes actually say and what they mean. I was referring to the annoying – and lying – box which which crops up after you’ve installed any automatic updates on Windows. You know the one that says you need to restart your computer and asks if you would like to do so now, or later*.

*”Later” in this instance meaning “in a short while this annoying box will pop up right when you are in the middle of drawing something complicated with your mouse. It will force the active window away from the one you are working in, meaning you lose the drawing you’ve been trying to perfect since this last happened… all of five minutes ago and will repeat this loop all day until you go insane or throw your computer out of the window… whichever comes first… (mwa ha ha haaragh… I’m a computer programme, I have time).”

Well… I found the perfect site to vent your spleen in situations such as this. Visit the Windows Error Message Maker and you can make a picture of what the bastards really mean… Like this…

Hugely cathartic! If required, click the picture to enlarge.

Windows Error Message



1. chrisfiore5 - 26, October 2007

ha! that is the perfect pop-up alternative!

hope all is well…


2. Joe Drinker - 29, October 2007

Haha! Thanks for that…it’s not every Monday morning I read something that makes me cry. With laughter, I mean.

It also underscores the reason why I will always be a Mac guy.

3. babychaos - 29, October 2007

Glad I made you guys chuckle, I aim to please and Joe, I am delighted to think I have cheered up your Monday morning!



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