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Witter, witter, witter… 29, October 2007

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Still feeling like shit… but happy shit and I find it helps me get going in the morning if I have some biscuits or a piece of toast before I get out of bed. I therefore have a packet of biscuits to hand so I can nibble one before I get up (yeh, decadent or what).

I’m hanging onto the fact this should wear off, too – or at least, reduce.. I’ve had it for about three weeks now, possibly a bit more, so in theory, if I’m at 9 weeks now, I’ve only another three to go before it starts to slacken off. If it doesn’t, I suspect I will get used to it, over time and find better ways to manage it.

Today I didn’t really wake up when Mr BC got up, even the cat found me too boring to pester and left me alone… then, just before leaving for a meeting the sweet man arrives with a tray containing a cup of coffee, a packet of Ryvita and a choice of Marmite, jam and peanut butter to spread on them – all foods I have been craving on and off. He is such a thoughtful kind hearted soul.

I haven’t been doing very well with the eating regimen, either. Being vaguer than most pregnant people as standard, anyway, without being pregnant, the pregnancy head thing has taken my brain by storm and the whole memory game is quite tricky.

I write EVERYTHING down but even so, I often find myself wondering why I have to do the items on the list. For example after the midwife’s visit I had a three point list. Point three was “Call Hospital”. All well and good. I know I need to call them but I can’t, for the life of me, remember why I was supposed to call, which makes ringing them up – and writing the list – a little pointless*.

* Handy hint. If you need to write a to do list, remember to state, in detail, if required, why you need to do the things you need to do.

On the food front, having been regularly putting away large quantities of salami and parma ham, I now find I’m not supposed to eat these uncooked (lysteria). Oops.

Rectifying my errant behaviour I replace the sizeable salami-void by eating more cheese, carefully selecting only those made with pasturised milk. Now I find I’ve got that wrong, too. Yep, the brie I’ve been troughing over the last month is wrong because pasturised milk or not, it’s mould matured, while unpasturised cheese from small producers or from abroad is fine. Yes the truckle of fabulous local chedder I turned down at the farmer’s market yesterday (my favourite and rarer, in manageable sized truckles, than unicorn pooh) would have been fine. How fucking annoying is that?! (s’cuse my French).

Half the time, when I come to buy stuff, or order in a restaurant or well… anything really, I can’t remember what I’m supposed to eat and what I’m not supposed to eat. My brain, like an overfilled sponge will only retain three quarters of my dietary regimen. The minute I recall a foodstuff I’d forgotten about and add it to the banned list, something else falls off the bottom… perhaps this is self preservation. I don’t know.

On the up side, reading up on it on-line I discovered a French woman, living in England who had been told by her doctor that eating soft cheese, for her, would be fine – I think, it was because she would have eaten so much of it, anyway. Well, if that’s the case then what I’ve eaten shouldn’t do any harm, seeing as I am a cheese monster and eat about my own body weight in cheese each week (I’ve always assumed it’s because I drink very little milk).

Yesterday I managed to select the right meal at the right time. We had a pot roast ham joint with baked potatoes. It was so good! A little slice of heaven! Angels tip-toeing over my tongue! I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a meal as much for a long time… washed down with a glass of Vina Ardanza. Blimey that was good!

It also made me think about other stuff. It made me feel for people having these side effects for other reasons, chemo, for example. The positive side, for them, is harder to identify and the sickness is worse than anything I’m experiencing. All this is good news for me, in that the hormones are very active, which means the muffin is probably doing ok.

Actually I’m pretty sure the muffin is doing ok anyway, it’s not communing with me very much but because it’s very busy growing. It’s like our cat, when we got him. He was too scared to sit on our laps or come close but he made it abundantly clear that we belonged to him and he wasn’t going anywhere. It may yet give up or go wrong but its made it’s intention to stick very clear.

That may sound bizarre but I’m pregnant mwa ha haargh! I’m allowed to be a nutter.

Well, time to go, I have to enjoy a quick sleep before I get up – if the cat will let me – then I have to go into town to get some paint to spray the manky old frames I bought at the car boot yesterday red and green. Then I can submit my pictures – yeh, the vetoed Christmas card designs – to the local gallery’s Christmas open show…



1. Kat - 29, October 2007

Wait ’til you enter a room, stop, and wonder why you were headed there in the first place. I think we get baby brain to help us through the morning sickness in the beginning and the sleep deprivation once the baby’s out.

I missed eating steak while I was pregnant!

2. Joe Drinker - 29, October 2007

Good to know that you’re doing well BC. I have a coworker who may be just a little farther along than you, and she’s doing the same things. Comes into my cube to talk to me and can’t remember why she was there, has weird urges for food or beverages. We’ve decided it’s in our best interest to cater to these for a while, so we’re all tuned in.

That, and we’re a little afraid of her.


3. babychaos - 29, October 2007

Ah yes, the old going into a room and forgetting why routine… if only I had to be pregnant to do that! So far, nobody has noticed any difference.



4. Susie - 29, October 2007

Oh congrats, that’s so exciting. I should just eat what you fancy, I’m sure your body knows best..who can keep up with all the advice anyway? XXX

5. mrsmetaphor - 29, October 2007

hear hear, Susie…it feels like it changes every 5 minutes anyway…

BC..you are most entitled to be a nutter…in fact, we expect nothing less of that from you. LOL

I mean, after all, why stop being a nutter just because you are preggers? I think we just become more of ourselves as we experience stuff like this. LOL

keep us well up to date! I love hearing the play by play…always.

6. babychaos - 30, October 2007

Hello there Susie and Mrs M. Many thanks for those supportive words… frankly I’m too much of a gumbee to do anything like this properly anyway, one of my friends was telling me yesterday that I must go through the pack the midwife gave me, work out the dates for all the appointments and book them… I wilt at the thought, dates, numbers… so much scope for error when the lady has discalcula but I know I will have to.



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