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A dose of the luck virus and other stories… 30, October 2007

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Yesterday I was mostly craving plain green salad with a sour cider vinegar and olive oil dressing and smoked trout. Once again, I had it right there, in position, for lunch. Heaven on a plate. I have also made a bit of a breakthrough discovery on the All Day Sickness front. Lots of people have recommended ginger but because I am already the size of a zepplin I was a little leery about sugar coated crystallised ginger pieces.

Enter Gin-Gins*, ginger chews… pop one of those in when I begin to feel a bit sick and it blows my frickin’ head off… it also seems to reduce the nausea so thumbs up to “The Ginger People” who make them even though they’re sugary and probably going so make me just as fat as crystallised ginger would… then again, if I eat these all the time, I won’t have to keep eating other things so, it’s as broad as it’s long, it may save a few stones of padding in the long run.

* Gin-Gin is what we used to call one of my grandfathers so it’s a nice straightforward name for me to remember!  Phew!

Ok back to the subject of today’s post. I have definitely caught a dose of the luck virus, judging by the small domestic disaster which was flukily averted yesterdady… Let me describe the scene…

I’m ferreting about in the fridge for my fabulous nausea-busting lunch and I have to move the juice from the night before’s pot roast ham. I balance it very precariously on top of a jar of chutney, on the top shelf of the fridge, while I get the trout out – because I’m stupid like that – although clearly I intend to put it back where it had been, originally, before closing the door.

Needless to say I forget. So as soon as I close the door there is a loud clunk. The kind of clunk a glass jar makes when its downwards trajectory is halted as it gets stuck between the edge of a fridge shelf and a fridge door.


Being glass, doubtless the chutney jar will smash all over the place if it falls out and the pot with the meat juices in doesn’t have the kind of lid which is going to stay on when it lands on the floor either. Mmm, interesting mess potential. How to stop it? I decide if I can open the door a smidge and stick my arm in I may be able to catch the pot before it falls.

The sound of glass pot versus shelf clunkings and gratings continue as I conduct a little experimentation. My efforts reveal that the door is too well insulated for me to get my hand in and catch the jar while the gap is still small enough to hold it. There’s about six inches of plastic before the point arrives where the light comes on, let alone a big enough space appears to stick my arm through.


Ok, nothing else for it, I’ll have to open the door really fast – and yet, smoothly – and catch the meat pot and the chutney jar before they fall… or failing that catch the meat pot and try to biff the chutney jar back onto a lower shelf with my knee. I count to three and fling open the door.

A tiny jar with a truffle in it drops into the bottom door tray where it comes to rest, upside down but un-damaged.

Nothing else happens.

Surprised, I check and discover the most amazing fluke has taken place. The chutney has slid out from under the pot full of meat juice and landed, the right way up, in the door shelf… almost as if I’d actually put it there. The gloop-filled pot, meanwhile, has merely subsided onto the space on the shelf where the chutney had been. On my usual normal form, the floor around the fridge would have been awash with meat stock, diced vegetables, glass and chutney.

Clearly my guardian angel is very busy, someone upstairs is looking after me or I have contracted the Luck Virus.


1. Kat - 30, October 2007

What a great story. You should buy a lottery ticket!

2. noble savage - 31, October 2007

Most women become really forgetful and really clumsy when pregnant — looks like you’re bucking the trend so far (or at least escaping the consequences!)

3. babychaos - 31, October 2007

Kat, you may be right… noble savage… as I’m really clumsy and forgetful the rest of the time perhaps the pregnancy thing makes a double minus…which in maths is a positive…

er… I think.



4. mrsmetaphor - 31, October 2007

well, at least in grammar a double negative would mean a positive…so, there’s that. LOL

5. BB - 2, November 2007

yeah that morning sickness hit me hard at 9-13 weeks… but I feel so good this week! but forgetful as hell!

6. Dog training - 25, November 2007

Very interesting… as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.

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