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Get a fucking grip serum required… fast! 16, November 2007

Posted by babychaos in Art, careers, Grumpy Old Bag, Small Scale Disasters, whinging.
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Oh deary me. I’m a bit low today. In fact I’m going to have a real moan. Which, considering I have an action packed, fun and exciting weekend ahead of me is churlish to the nth degree… and some.

It’s not just the looming scans that are getting to me, I have to go out tonight and tomorrow, in black tie and be sparkling and witty and social deep into the night, this morning I am feeling particularly knackered and shit and I suppose I am not really looking forward to hobbling across London in uncomfortable shoes and ducking out of the dinner I’m going to early so I can get the ridiculously early last train home at 11.15.

Worse, I feel guilt. We were going to stay the night with my parents by driving down to Gatwick, getting the Gatwick Express (which runs every half hour all through the night) in and out of London and it was going to be easier. Not to mention, fun.

Now just for a change (not) Mr BC’s work has intervened. I know my parents understand about intrusive jobs, my dad was a house master and that’s pretty much 24/7. It also stops sometimes, though. Unlike Mr BC’s job which just grinds on relentlessly day after day, for ever. Other people have a life we have Mr BC’s fucking job (sorry the whole reason I love him is because he puts other people before himself but I’m not as nice as he is and sometimes when some dippy client rings up in hysterics at 7 o’clock on a bank holiday Monday morning or at half past 11 on a Sunday night and he deals patiently and kindly with them for hours and hours I wish he’d tell them to just fuck off and leave us alone – I suppose a big part of this is because I would consider it highly infra dig to pester any similar kind of professional in my employ outside working hours and would probably have to be in severe do do to even contemplate it).

I’m feeling sick and knackered and want a long train trip, in uncomfortable shoes and rather too tight black tie, like a hole in the head!

For some god forsaken reason we have to traipse the first course with us to dinner in London tomorrow and… oh dear, I should be so looking forward to both of these but right now, all I can think about is how ill and antisocial I will feel and whether there will be anywhere where I can catch a quiet kip during each proceedings without anyone noticing.

I suppose the final kybosh is that I my Christmas Cards have arrived and instead of excitement and eager anticipation all I can garner is a strong sense of anti-climax. This should be a GOOD THING but there is something wrong with my maths. I don’t quite understand how I can order 1,000 cards for X and they are 14p a card and if I order 2,000 for X plus one third, they come out at 17p per card. Then when I add VAT the envelopes and a bag they hit 25p a card.

1,000 of each didn’t seem that much on paper, 250 packs of 8 cards, 4 0f each design, for £3.00 but now I am packing them into the cellophane I am beginning to worry! I have packed up 50 so far and it’s a sod of a lot. Finding 250 people to buy a packet of cards each didn’t seem like such a tall order 3 weeks ago. Now, when the charity I was to share the profits with has vetoed them and I have had to turn down the local gallery which was going to sell them because it charges 35% plus VAT commission (and my profit margin is only 33%) – and I can’t raise the price. The local population is far too tight to pay more than £3.00 for 8 cards, however much they might like them – I’m beginning to get decidedly cold feet.

I could pin my hopes on on-line sales but since I’ve not achieved any for anything else on my site I would be a tad foolish. On the up side, another local gallery, which charges a much more reasonable 25% commission has also offered to sell them so at least I still have one outlet…

I am meeting my parents and brother tonight. Originally my parents wanted some and I thought my brother might be interested so yesterday, I e-mailed both asking if they’d like me to bring some with me. My brother wants 3 packs, hoorah! I haven’t heard from my parents though, who wanted about 100 cards (which is about 13 packs by my reckoning).

I know it might just be the NTL hole of death, there are days… weeks sometimes, when people e-mail me and I receive nothing at all and I have had suspiciously few non-spam e-mails for a week or two now but I fear it’s just as likely to be that they don’t want any cards and don’t quite know how to tell me.

I know this is just hormones but it’s a pain in the arse and the sense that I will be faced with more than one turkey this Christmas just won’t go away!

On the up side, if I’m dreading it all this much, there’s no risk of anti-climax and in theory that means I should have a good time!



1. Steff - 16, November 2007

My sympathies, nothing worse than having to socialize when you’re not feeling up to it. At the very least wear comfy shoes – sod it, you are pregnant! Maybe other local outlets would be an option for the cards – church fetes, etc? You just have to get them “out there” somehow. hm…

2. mrsmetaphor - 16, November 2007

Dang…you know I had a whole CASE of that serum and I think I’ve blown through all of it.

Breathe into a paperbag…sometimes that helps, unless it makes you want to hurl.

Here’s something I’ll tell you which may or may not help. Being pregnant is like “Life….Plus” meaning that you still have your regular everyday life to content with but NOW you ALSO have a whole other set of challenges both physical and emotional to deal with and it is ALL NEW…nice, huh?

I think what helped the most for me was to keep my head down and chant to myself over and over…”one thing at a time….one thing at a time…” It will be good practice for when Baby BC comes.

Hang in there, babe…this too, shall pass.

3. Gina - 16, November 2007

Oh dear. Not sure how I ended up here actually (I was blog-surfing or blog-slutting or whatever you call it) having just written a blog about how cruising around leaving comments is NOT good for me.
But there is nothing like listening to someone else moaning to cheer me up.
When you have the baby you will look back fondly on these days – at least whilst it is safely inside it can’t vomit on your outfit or hurl half chewed food at important people.
Have fun

4. babychaos - 16, November 2007

Thanks guys. Mrs M I know I’m just being an arse here but I guess a lot of it is to do with my art… I’m packing cards because I need to sell them, although what I want to spend the day doing is writing, but the spare bits are spent cooking and cleaning and hanging out the washing and tidying all my half packaged card sets away because I haven’t finished and I’ve got to go out and if I didn’t have to go out I WOULD finish and the leisurely evening we’d planned is going to be a rush and yes, Steff, I’m GOING to wear sensible shoes! 😉 Oh yes and not forgetting that I have to go to the loo about every three minutes… how can one woman and a baby make so much wee?!

I know it’s just frustration that and I’m well… not learning because I knew it already but the lesson is being driven home that a reasonable amount of ability at something is not enough, what you must be, to achieve anything in life, apart from lucky of course, is shit-hot, not to mention very tenacious at sales. I’ll just have to find out how to be that, somewhere, sometime, some how aw what the heck some NOW. It’s so fricking annoying though!

Grrr… Maybe I just got out of bed the wrong side this morning!

Hey ho! A demain!


5. mrsmetaphor - 16, November 2007

I hate sales…isn’t there an unwritten natural law that creative types are assigned some sort of business/sales talented friend at birth? dang.

6. Mrs. Nicklebee - 16, November 2007

That’s it, Mrs. M! LOL That has to be it! BC, surely you must have a tenacious friend who is just dying to help you.

I’m sorry you’re feeling cruddy. As someone else said, one step at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be back home, tucked into your own bed, drifting off to sleep when all of a sudden you realize you need to make another run to the loo. 😉

7. Joe Drinker - 16, November 2007

I hope your evening with high society goes well and that you survive the train trip. Not many worse ways to travel when your stomach’s doing tricks.

I once worked with a family to develop a line of greeting cards, and they had the same realization you did: when you’re putting together the boxed sets, it always looks like a lot. You have a link to where your cards can be purchased online?

8. babychaos - 18, November 2007

Interestingly enough, I do… http://www.drawnbyhand.com/christmas/index.php
At the moment people order them, I send a paypal invoice by return which they can pay by paypal or credit card and then I despatch the goods when the money is in my account.

I could do a pay now button but for this one, it’s tricky because the postage is a flat rate for 1 to 5 then more for 6 – 10 and so on…



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