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A partial success… 20, November 2007

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Despite my failing to convince my local charity contacts to opt for my cards, the gallery manager on the committee did suggest I submit to the local gallery’s Christmas show. I got one in, Frosty the Abominable Snowman which I’d submitted as a print because their size limit was 12″ and I only had works on A4 – 11″ – and over the limit when when you add a mount and frame.

So to my complete delight the first one sold in 20 minutes and since it was a print, number 2 of 10 sold about 5 minutes after that. Wahoo… now I’m thinking prints for sale on Etsy might be the way forward… although so far all I’ve managed to list is my alphabet poster… I’m also hoping to flog cards at a coffee morning next week. It’s in aid of the Cathedral choristers so I think this picture, framed up as a print, might be a good sales bet.


The lady who organises it all is going to phone me back later… apparently, I’m in if the plant lady says no! Fingers and toes crossed that she does!


1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 20, November 2007

Woohoo!!! How exciting!!! 😀

I love the choir kids. I’m sure that one will do well, too.


2. babychaos - 21, November 2007

Thanks Mrs N… as for congratulations, I still haven’t heard from the lady so… we’ll see…



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