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When religion goes bad… 6, December 2007

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I know, two posts in one day, what an excess! It’s just that I laughed so much when I read this that I nearly weed in my pants! So I had to share it with you IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you Liberrydwarf for this one…

Click on this link for a real corker! Barking Looner dot com

I kid you not this is a serious article from some very misguided person who believes they are doing God’s work and who has actually managed to convince himself that the duckbilled platypus is Satan’s spawn. Me, I think some of what the Taliban has to say is less looney, more logical and better thought out.

How can he be a fundamentalist and then conveniently forget that bit in Genesis where it says God made ALL the creatures ? How could anyone with a brain and capacity for rational thought, doubt and all the other things St Paul encourages us to tackle head on be like this? How could he read the New Testament and not realise he’s one of the Pharisees? Oh no wait, people like this don’t read the New Testament, it says all sorts of inconvenient things about whited sepulchres and treating other people the way you’d like to be treated yourself… it even hints that damning people is God’s job… oooh no, can’t have that. Inciting others to hate them is too much fun.

I believe people are not inherently evil. We do silly misguided things, we do wrong and there’s evil in us but we’re not intrinsically evil… I’m almost willing to make an exception for this guy, though! What a spanner!

This is why the rest of the world thinks the entire American nation is absolutely barking mad, every man jack of ’em and that’s so not fair and so not true. WRONG and a great pity… but when an American does go nuts they just seem to be able to put the rest of the world to shame!

Can’t they do something about people like this… bar them from the internet or have them certified or something (not difficult surely)? The whole thing reads like something out of the Simpsons…

Never mind, chuckle away me-hearties.  I did!



1. Ben - 6, December 2007

I really can’t tell if that article is serious or steadfastly sarcastic. If he’s being sarcastic, he’s doing a heck of a job keeping it up.

2. Joe Drinker - 7, December 2007

Wow. I agree. Is he just off his nut, or is he serious?

3. writerchick - 7, December 2007

Hey BC,
I can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or serious either. I mean, no one in their right mind would take a postion like this.

However, I have to take exception to your comment that things like this make everyone think Americans are nuts. If that’s true then I’m saddened by it. To me, that’s like saying an Englishman who wears his undies on his head proves that all the English are crazy, etc. One thing shouldn’t lead to the next. Know what I mean?

This fellow certainly is no example of the typical American, if there is such a thing – if this guy is serious, which I seriously doubt, then he is simply a poor delusional fellow.

In fact, the posts are so over the top, I actually wondered if it was someone posing as a conservative, with the aim of making people think they (conservatives) are nuts.

Anyway, interesting to say the least.

4. Geldoff - 8, December 2007

Yeppp. He’s got a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock, if you get my drift. Wibble.

Strangely, when I read it the voice of the Reverend Lovejoy from the Simpsons took over …

Hope you’re well, BC. 🙂

5. magneto bold too - 8, December 2007

Nah, he has to be joking. Please God, Allah and the Goddess please say there really aren’t people THAT freaking stupid in the world.

Can anyone say Monotreme…..

He forgot the Echidna. Now they are some mean bastards.

6. babychaos - 8, December 2007

WC, absolutely no insult intended, pretty much the opposite although I didn’t put it very well, I was trying to say that American Looners just seem to do their PR better and be generally better organised at getting their message out there than those in the rest of the world (Taliban and Al Quaeda excepted of course). Hence the jump that is often made to the WRONG conclusion that there are more of them in the US, there aren’t they are just louder. It might be exacerbated by the fact Americans do have a reputation for taking themselves extremely seriously and at the same time, being very emotional which makes it harder for a lot of Europeans to understand the culture. I hope that makes sense, it’s not meant to be insulting.

Geldoff EXACTLY what happened to me, it’s completely hilarious.

Magneto Bold… impressively, the Echidna is mentioned in the comments! Ben and JD, I can’t tell either, whoever the people are running that site they sure as hell put a lot of time and effort into nursing their hatred and very little into anything else. There’s something on there called “Faith Mouse” a cartoon character, which says things like “god loves you this much” (picture of small mouse with arms outstretched), except that reading their site, you’d find it extremely hard to believe that God loves anyone! 😉

Cheers peps


7. kim - 9, December 2007

Magneto bold too pinched my comment, heheheh I was going to mention the echidna as well… I only skimmed the article because I found him to be a tad scary. mmm I might pop back over there and leave a comment warning him that male platypus have a poisonous spur on their hind legs, so they dont need to scratch good christians eyes out at all..

cheers Kim

8. writerchick - 9, December 2007

Hey BC,
No worries. Actually, if you look at the sheer numbers, there probably are a lot more of American loons, given our population and landmass, it would seem unavoidable. But again…I’m still reluctant to believe this guy isn’t pulling our collective legs. Believe me, I’ve seen some extreme righties and lefties but I’ve never seen one go this far over the loop. Could me a meds adjustment situation. 😉

Anyway, regardless of his religious or political persuasion the dude is definitely froot loops. Oy!

🙂 WC

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