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Smug. 13, December 2007

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The official results are in. We have a 1 in 9942 chance of having a baby with Spina Bifida or Downs Syndrome. The BC household is relieved to the point of smugness.

This week, I have mostly been indoctrinating my future child’s musical taste with: Sham 69 – Questions and Answers is high on my favourites list, possibly even a desert island disk.

I have been to three Christmas Dinners this week and am feeling appropriately lardy.

It is perfectly possible to perform Egyptian Dance moves to British Punk although what the neighbours think when they see me cameling across the kitchen to “Hurry Up Harry” I’m not sure.

I have had two name art commissions, including one out of the blue from a complete stranger, for real paid money! Hoorah.

On the off side… it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey and we will be sans heating and hot water next week while our new boiler is fitted at this incredibly opportune time!

Freezing the Balls off a Brass Monkey is actually a nautical term. A brass monkey held stacks of cannonballs, if it was exceptionally cold, the brass monkey and the balls contracted at different rates when they froze meaning the balls could tumble off… allegedly. Two thousand million people will add a comment to tell me I am wrong right…. now.

Despite the daunting thought of enduring it with no heating, the cold is very beautiful, white hoar frost on everything, bright sun and blue sky, the kind of heart lifting winter day seldom seen here in East Anglia. A splendid departure from dreech and subacqueous.

Ok, shall I let you into a secret. My home town is featured on an album cover. Look at the Division Bell, by Pink Floyd. See those buildings in between the two facey things with the great big eff-off cathedral sticking up? Well… down behind that big building… that’s where I live.


That closes the random musings for today.

I thank you for your time!



1. Grateful Always - 13, December 2007

Great odds!

And I love that album cover… you lucky to be living behind there 😉

2. Geldoff - 13, December 2007

Whaaaat??? No Mr. Spangly?? 😉

3. Geldoff - 13, December 2007

Nope. Just checked again and no mention of Mr. Spangly!

… Is he currently off the guest list?

4. babychaos - 14, December 2007

Grateful Always, yeh, I’m pretty damned chuffed and all!

Geldoff… Take it as read that the little blighter has been thoroughly indoctrinated with many of the Cheesiest offerings from Mr Spangley’s early oevure, much of which is also excellent for Egyptian Dance purposes! 😉



5. Joe Drinker - 14, December 2007

Congratulations on the healthy baby…good news to say the least!

And that’s cool about the Pink Floyd artwork…something to tell the offspring about when they ask “Mommy? What’s that you’re listening to?”

6. Geldoff - 15, December 2007


7. Noble Savage - 17, December 2007

Congrats on healthy baby news. Such a relief, I’m sure.

8. babychaos - 17, December 2007

Too bloody right NS. I was bricking it a bit. Still am a little now the morning sickness is wearing off (as in I don’t feel ill any more is it ok?) but what will be will be.



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