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What do you buy for the man who has everything? 14, December 2007

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Few men have everything but even fewer have the smallest clue what they might like for Christmas. Enter my dad, vague, charming and a little bit naughty. He has a walking stick, which he leaves in shops, church and friend’s houses all over town. So… this year I’ve had a label engraved to stick onto the er… stick.

“Hello, I belong to Mr XXX who will be looking for me. Please can you put us both out of our misery by phoning him on xxxx and telling him where I am. Thank you. Mr W Stick.”

I’m not sure it’s very funny and it won’t do for a main present but I thought it might actually be quite helpful and it’s certainly lateral…

In the meantime, I’ve managed to find some art things for my Mum, a bizarre folding colander for my Godmother and a frightening nothing for Mr BC… except for a small tree but that was for being kind and tolerant while I was too sick to do anything so it doesn’t really count.

Never mind, there’s an outside chance we’ll be sending some Christmas cards this year… very possibly before Christmas…


Oh yeh and remember this post where I was whinging on about not having the kind of luck (or talent, actually but I was overlooking that in order to whinge extensively about the luck aspect) that involves meeting a publisher at a party who so loves my work from the description, alone, that they decide they would like to publish?

Yeh, well I guess the alternative is to hook onto somebody who has and then illustrate their book… there is a very outside chance that might have happened.


1. writerchick - 14, December 2007

Hey BC,
I feel your pain – though i love the label idea for your father. It is funny and likely something he’ll be thankful for in the future.

As to what to buy for those who seem to have everything? I’ve never come up with a satisfactory answer to that myself. The best I’ve come up with is something like, discover their favorite book and see if you can find a first edition, leather bound copy of it, or a favorite movie, get the deluxe version, look for things they treasure and see if there is some gifty thing that you can find that relates to it. Sorry, not very good advice but it’s the best I’ve got.

Good luck.


2. babychaos - 14, December 2007

Sounds good to me! I’d go for that!



3. Geldoff - 15, December 2007

Ahem … if you were to email me I can arrange ownership of a prime site of 100 hectares with full development rights on the dark side of the moon (the sought-after side of course) for a very reasonable price. 😉

4. magneto bold too - 16, December 2007

I think your present for your dad is the best thing ever! OMG my dad would love that. If he had a walking stick of course.

5. babychaos - 17, December 2007

Geldoff I love it! Magneto – thanks for that glowing endorsement!



6. mystarbucks - 19, December 2007

Makes me almost wish my dad did have a walking stick or something along those lines. I could not think of a darn thing to get him and his wife so I just bought a lousy gift card. How unoriginal is that? Great idea!

7. HanaPipers - 8, February 2012


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