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Best wishes… 31, December 2007

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Hello, a brief one here. Not only have we been away for Christmas but Mr BC has taken the week off so we are nesting busily a.k.a. tidying, reorganising, filling bags of stuff to give to charity shops, driving aimlessly round the county trying to find a fricking book bank which isn’t full and failing and generally beavering away in a manner which does have the downside – for me, at least, possibly not for you – of keeping me away from the internet.

So, in case you’re wondering where I am, I thought I’d better check in while I could (clandestinely while he’s rearranging the sitting room). Also I wanted to say.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Happy New Year everyone!

As always Christmas, itself, despite my dread was great, no removed cousins so I have three boxes of expensive hand made chocolates and a bag of bonio (don’t ask) to eat myself. Result… well… except for the bonio, of course.

At the moment Mr BC’s nesting urges are pretty intense… they involve wrapping, boxing and packing most of what’s in the house and putting it into storage until we move/spawn is old enough not to break it. Also on the agenda is arranging a few simple building works – a bit of post-boiler tweaking in the kitchen, etc… The rationale goes, that we should prepare NOW before I’m the size of a zepplin and can do nothing. He has an excellent point and it IS fun, if a little inconvenient to do ALL of it right now.

Since he has taken the week off to nest in earnest activity is intense. Naturally, I am packing, boxing, wrapping, swabbing and generally nesting with him. Long periods of inactivity on my part and he becomes a little twitchy…

He knows a big change is coming and as an lawyer/engineer/control freak the way he deals with it is to spend the intervening months “getting organised” – or “worrying pointlessly” as I call it – because something completely random will happen to alter it all, anyway – but these things all depend on your perspective and while ours may be perfectly synchronised in regard of the Force, jokes and general japery they are different in this respect.

Try as I might, I can’t convince him to relax and go with the flow and I sure as hell know I can’t leave him to battle against it on his own…

My usual technique of busking life, being aware of the dangers, pitfalls or requirements and modifying my actions, buying stuff if/as/when I need it is… well… frankly unkind to a man of his nature when we are about to embark, together, on something as momentously life changing as this!

So at the moment, while I’m still able to move and do things, I have curtailed my usual pursuits a bit, to help him nest because I want him to feel happy and confident and most importantly IN CONTROL so he is relaxed.

I suspect that once I’m equipped with the full space-hopper stomach we will have finished the nesting and I’ll be able to visit you more often and in a fully spouse-sanctioned manner – rather than snatching naughty visits like this one while he thinks I’m packing my bottle collection away.

More importantly, I may even finish my novel, especially if I spend enough time thinking about it now. For the moment, though, I just have to daydream about my characters while I wrap and pack and box and paint and scrub…

Yep, the posts will be sporadic for the next week or so and my comments on your fine blogs will appear less often… but I’ll be out there, lurking…

A Bientot!


1. flyingrowan - 31, December 2007

Indeed, winging it is a favourite approach of mine…Pointless organising because something random will go wrong, exactly. But thank god you’ve got someone who tips the balance well and needs some control! 🙂 Good Luck with all the swabbing!

Happy New Year …. x

2. Joe Drinker - 31, December 2007

Snatching naughty visits, eh? The fact that it’s clandestine makes it so much better, doesn’t it?

Cheers and happy new year to you and yours,


3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 31, December 2007

Oh, fun! Nesting together! It sounds like it’s going well for you guys.

I’m glad Christmas turned out great. Maybe your Mum reads your blog. 😉

4. BL - 1, January 2008

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

5. babychaos - 1, January 2008

Flyingrowan – many thanks and happy New Year to you, too.

Joe, very true, something about clandestine activities makes them so much more interesting and ditto re New Year.

Mrs N, this is true it is going well so far and as for Mum reading my blog… heaven forfend!

BL, Happy New Year to you too!



6. writerchick - 1, January 2008

Hey BC,
Sounds like you’ve had a nice time over the holidays. Have a great new year.

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