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Tags… wittering… screen dump… poem. 2, January 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living, Light Fluff, writing.
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I’ve been looking at my tags… you know, clicking and seeing what other blogs come up. I reckoned that, second to having a beaky at other people’s comments and dropping in on any blogs belonging to the witty ones, this would be an excellent way to find like minded blogs from like minded looners.

It’s not.

Nobody thinks the way I do. My tags – and categories, are almost universally unique. Even the (I thought) ubiquitous “general wittering” only has one other taker.

So. Tags in common with the rest of the world? Bugger all. Oh dear. Hmm… not sure whether to be proud or annoyed.

Never mind, I have finally got around to publishing a poem on Triond… if people visit it will earn me tenths of pence! Anyway, have a butchers if you like… here’s the link. If you like it and you know how to digg/technorati/stumble upon it, please feel free! Otherwise… enjoy!

Incidentally… if you click on the name attributed to the poem, you get my blurb with a picture of some completely unrelated woman in a hat who I’ve never seen before in my life!  Interesting.



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