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Uh? 9, January 2008

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, General Wittering, Grumpy Old Bag, Pregnancy Issues, Small Scale Disasters, whinging, winging.
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Ebay. Where you buy stuff cheap or second hand for a song right? Right.

Well… it’s where other people buy stuff cheap or second hand for a song.

Recently I’ve been trying to buy something called a “belly belt combo kit”. This retails at £13.95 with free postage for the UK mainland. Hmm… thinks stingy BC. I will buy it off Ebay, I have found many excellent bargains there in the past (except toys which are always well expensive unless I’m selling them, in which case they go for a song).

I know I’m being a skinflint but just like the magic ingredient that makes viscose more expensive, gramme for gramme, than gold dust when it comprises part of a tampon, so putting the word “maternity” in front of a standard item seems to add a premium of at least a third extra to the price.

This is the Ha!-You-suckers,-you-have-to-have-these-so-we-can- charge-what-we-sodding-well-like-because-we’re-bastards! school of marketing. Always easy to spot because the adverts appear to be full of concern for you or your family at this “special” time – if I see one more condescending advert telling me how “special” this time is I’m going to do someone an injury!

The more concerned they sound for you and your child’s welfare, the more they are screwing you for every penny they can get. Sorry, gone off on one…

That said, I should hasten to point out that I’m actually rather grateful to the belly band combo kit people for kindly electing not to fleece me.

After all, £13.95 with free postage isn’t bad when you look at how much any maternity wear that isn’t tracky bottoms costs and also how much money it could save in the long run… if you had a job like my old one which involved wearing a suit to work every day, for example.

Where was I? Sorry… ah yes. Buying one of these on ebay.

belly belt combo

So tell me. Why would anyone pay £14 plus £1.20 postage for something used which only costs £13.95, dead, brand new in an unopened box? £1.25 MORE for a used one than a brand new one? It’s not like it’s an antique.

After all, though it’s been washed and ironed we are talking about something underwear used, not near any composite parts – for sure – but still nestling against the lady garden. Checking out the others for sale on ebay I see another used one went for £9.76 and two further “hardly used” ones for £11.00 and £10.00 and a completely unused one for £14.00…

What I’m saying is that the savings are negligible. People are prepared to pay as new prices and higher for things that are second hand.

Welcome to parenthood my friend… Yes, I thought the frenzied morons panic buying food in the supermarkets before they close for ONE DAY on a bank holiday were completely barking but clearly that has nothing on parents and pregnant people buying things they must have for their children. Does having kids give you brain damage? It would seem so. Will I laugh at myself in 6 months’ or a year’s time when I’m a moron of equal stature? Undoubtedly.

So… let me get this straight. As I understand it so far, here’s what parenthood is about. For those of you selling to us it’s about screwing people who are at their most financially and emotionally vulnerable for every penny you can get, unless you’re buying my art in which case £20 for an entire morning’s work is far too expensive…

That said, I begin to understand this now. The kinds of people who like my art are like me. They see the £5 for a piece of expensive paper and a portion of some £3 a pot tubs of ink – they don’t attach any value to my time because as an artist, I must be doing something I enjoy right? It’s not real work. They may even feel I should be paying them and I could see how I might think like that, too, or at the least conclude that the artist was a jammy, lucky bastard who was making me pay them to have fun.

For other parents, it appears to be about losing all grip of reason and logic and common sense, about being competitive to the point of rank stupidity and indulging and cosseting your children to the point of recklessness… If Mr BC and I feel square-peg now, what the sod is it going to be like when we have a little one in tow?





1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 9, January 2008

roflmho You are such a crack up lately.

Hmm … you pay us for your artwork. What a fantastic idea! 😉

My husband and I have noticed that why-buy-new-when-you-can-pay-twice-as-much-for-used tendency on ebay. It must be the thrill of the hunt.


Mrs. N

2. babychaos - 10, January 2008

Yeh, I think you’re right, auction fever. I use one of those electronic bidder things so I can set it a ceiling and if it goes beyond that I’m not there to stick in another bid! There’s another belly band on there now, with several hours to go, which has already topped £14.50 plus postage! Perhaps I should buy some new ones and put them on, I’d probably get about £20 a pop… no actually I’d get £5 tops, such is the law of sod!


Glad I am being funny again, I was worried this blog was beginning to get serious… (heaven forfend!) It’s almost all meant to be funny – I never really know how others will see it when I blart it all out though!



3. Geldoff - 10, January 2008

Well I still find you blog amusing, BC, but … um … ‘tastefully’ sprinkled with hundreds and thousands from the reality jar. Never too heavy but always deliciously irreverent.

(Can I have the money now? 🙂 )

4. babychaos - 10, January 2008

Aw you flatter me ambassador with your good taste… 😉



5. writerchick - 14, January 2008

Hey BC!
Yep, they really go after the parents. Of course, the other side of it, is that there are a bunch of numnuts on EBay who haven’t a clue what the market price is for anything. They just make it up as they go along. I’ve checked for things on Ebay and then seen them on Amazon, new, for much less. I guess they figure with all those raging hormones you won’t notice? The dolts! 😉

6. babychaos - 14, January 2008

Writerchick, I reckon you’re right, then again I suppose if some of them are getting rid post pregnancy they’re probably too sleep deprived to think in a straight line, let alone type one!



7. Maternity - 24, January 2008


How do we get through this pregnancy and stay sane?

8. Mother Wear Clothing - 9, August 2008

Love the belly belt what a laugh but a brill idear. I wish i brought one when i was pregnant.

9. Jayne - 16, October 2009

I love maternity clothing thats why im here to help ! I had no maternity clothes when i was pregnant and want to help other mums get good quality maternity wear. So i set up a web site called mother wear clothing

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