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Mwah ha haargh! 10, January 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Light Fluff.
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How much is my blog worth now?

Lots of dollars… (you have to put your little finger to the corner of your mouth and say this in your best Dr Evil voice).

My blog is worth $15,807.12.
How much is your blog worth?

Ah… if only I could put a little box of adwords on here, I’d make a fortune…* Sighs… never mind, if this is the sacrifice I must make for a nice user friendly interface so be it.

*  Hello English Teachers.  This is a fine example of irony. 



1. Noble Savage - 10, January 2008

We must be the same level of genius because I got the exact same figure.

2. Geldoff - 10, January 2008

Are you speaking to teachers of the English language, teachers who were born in England or to a well-known blended Scotch whisky? (This is a very poor example of innuendo.) 😉

3. babychaos - 10, January 2008

Noble Savage, I reckon it’s something to do with how long the blog’s been going, more than anything else!

Geldoff that is an appalling example of innuendo – but your effort is appreciated, nonetheless!



4. magneto bold too - 10, January 2008

KEWL! Mine is worth $57,583.08. I have only been blogging since August.

Ooooh the shoes I could buy with that……. sigh…..

5. Alabaster Crippens - 10, January 2008

Mine, also, oddly enough, got exactly the same figures as you BC, so that’s three of us identimacal.

6. Joe Drinker - 11, January 2008

I was hung up on $12,000 something there for a while, but just rolled in with a cool $24,839.76.

In pretend money.




7. Geldoff - 11, January 2008


What luck!! I have a pretend Ferrari for sale for $24.869.76. Interested???


8. Mrs. Nicklebee - 12, January 2008

BC, is the value of your blog the reason you are able to do your art for free? 😉

The cards came today!!! I can’t wait to give them out. They are even better in person than “on screen”!


Mrs. N

9. babychaos - 14, January 2008

oooooh Lots of comments..!

Magnento, bloody hell! ‘Blows my theory about length of tenure right out of the water… clearly whether or not you get loads of visitors has something to do with it, too.

Alabaster, clearly you and NS are the same as me on whatever warped level it is this thing works on.

Joe, I reckon it’s all those nice succinct comic strips giving you extra hits…

Mrs N, yep, that must be it 😉 I’ll sell and live on the proceeds for a year! Thank you for your kind comment about the cards, too, I am really pleased they came out ok, it’s very difficult to tell what the finished article will truly look like when you’re designing this stuff on line…



10. MyStarbucks - 14, January 2008

Mine in worth $31,000. Not nearly as much as Magneto but I have to aim for something don’t I?

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