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Disorganised Chaos… 18, January 2008

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, General Wittering, Grumpy Old Bag, Light Fluff, Miscarriage, Pregnancy Issues, Small Scale Disasters, whinging, winging.
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Bad things… I had to walk up to town to the shops and it was raining and cold so my nose was dripping within about 10 yards of leaving the house and my handkerchief sodden – with no signs of the dripping abating – by about 40.

My hair got wet and I looked like a brillo-head.

My sinuses ached breathing the cold air.

The crapest journey on earth to my 20 week scan. The one I really didn’t want to have to re-book, bearing in mind that I had spent 2 and a half hours on hold waiting to get through to somebody to book it (only to be canned at the “you are next in the queue” stage but luckily I managed to book on a different number because the kind woman there took pity on me).

Here’s the break down:

I got stuck behind a lorry and 20 cars going at 35 miles an hour and took 10 minutes longer to get to the motorway on the way to my scan.

I had to get petrol and got stuck behind some dithering moron who took ages to pay for his petrol by switch and then proceeded to buy a sandwich and a bottle of water, again by switch… The whole thing took just under 10 minutes (not counting the putting the petrol in bit, which I had accounted for). As he dithered over buying a second bottle of water, also on switch I readied myself to step forwards and either punch him to the floor or explain that I’d been waiting 10 minutes and that I’d buy the fricking water with my petrol because I now had 25 minutes to make a 30 minute journey. Luckily, I didn’t have to do either because the next counter became free.

Having arrived 100 yards away from the car park at the actual time of my scan and begun to rejoice that I was only going to be a few minutes late, I encountered a set of temporary traffic lights. When they went green we had to wait while the feckin’ builders manoeuvred a digger pointlessly backwards and forwards until they went red again, then another 5 minutes before they went green again and we could go.

I was stuck behind some dithering bastard in the car park, too, who managed to take 10 minutes to drive 800 odd yards to where the spaces were – ie the opposite end from the part of the hospital where I was supposed to have been 5 minutes ago. Having parked, got a ticket and started walking back I spotted him still dribbling along at 0.000001 of a mph, holding up some other poor fucker.

So, having allowed 50 minutes for a 35 minute journey I ended up being 15 minutes late. Thank you to the bastard in the Lorry for not pulling over despite having infinity cars stuck behind him, the phaffing twat in the petrol station, the git builders at the traffic lights and the fuckwit dithering around in the hospital car park. Thank you guys. Not to mention the 10 minute walk to the ultrasound place instead of the usual 5. 33 sodding minutes of bastard dithering…

I defy anybody to account for that lot! No wonder I was sodding late!

I have dome something evil to the muscles in my groin and walking is agony.

Good things…

Luckily the woman after me was late, too so they were still able to scan me. Hoorah! No two and a half hours on the phone waiting to re-book.

The “20” week scan (21 really because I was too crap and disorganised to manage to get one booked for 20 weeks like I should have done) was a-ok and as suspected, Muffin is a boy.


Bad things…

This morning I dropped Mr BC off at the station because it was still pissing with rain and was unable to park anywhere near my house when I came home.

I haven’t finished painting the kitchen.

Good things….

I found and nabbed a space shortly after getting home so my car is parked near my home in a non-ticketable place (phew) even if I did have to go out and get soaked again!

I have nearly finished the painting, even if there’s more to do.

I hurt less than yesterday.

A lady is coming to give me reflexology this afternoon after which I will be unlikely to hurt at all.

Not a bad week so far then… Disorganised chaos… hmm, that would have been a good name for my blog!



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 18, January 2008

So muffin is a boy!! How exciting!! Congratulations on your boy! 🙂

2. babychaos - 18, January 2008

Thanks Mrs N. I reckoned he was, he didn’t feel like the other one did and the other one knew it was a girl… Sound cooky but I gather that, as a pregnant lady, I’m allowed to!



3. Geldoff - 19, January 2008

I’m fairly sure that in this country (UK) you are legally allowed to vapourise the sorts of twats that delayed you needlessly.

I can say for certain though that you definitely will be legally allowed to do it roughly 1 microsecond after I finally (and rightfully!) am elected Prime Minister. And as a special gift to you, BC, I shall give you the legal right of way so you can swish decadently through temporary traffic lights whatever colour is showing.

Now … where’s the nearest polling booth … ?

4. babychaos - 19, January 2008

Oooo thank you Mr G! I will look forward to having torpedo launchers installed behind the lights of my car and blowing away those who impede my regal progress!



5. Kat - 20, January 2008

You need a megaphone in the car that you can whip out whenever there’s a dumb driver in front of you. “Will the twat in the lorry please pull over!” Then, if called on it, just claim the hormones made you do it. 🙂

6. Steff - 22, January 2008

Wow congrats on having a wee loon! (I hope you know the Scots translation for this!) 🙂

7. Noble Savage - 22, January 2008


8. Joe Drinker - 23, January 2008


And for what it’s worth, Disorganized Chaos is too long for a URL. 😉

9. babychaos - 23, January 2008

Hello lovely peps

Kat. A megaphone had never occurred to me but I had thought about a led sign which would display whatever I said (obviously only when I switched it on and asked it to, of course.

NS. Thanks!

JD. Good point!



10. Jayne - 16, October 2009

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