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Trousers slide to a halt! 19, January 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, handy hints, Pregnancy Issues.
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Advice for all pregnant ladies…or men with paunches which are big enough to make them look 7 or 8 months gone.

Do your trousers fall down endlessly? Mine do and I’m making a big assumption here, ergo that this problem is universal rather than peculiar to me but…

If your trouser levels are plagued by gravity then here is some good news. Yes! Stopping the omnipresent downwards trouser slide has never been easier (as they say in marketing-speak). Just buy a pair of braces and Bob’s your uncle, your trousers will stay where you want them to!

Yes, I have spent the princely sum of £2.50 on ebay for a pair of elasticated braces to hold my trousers in position. Ok, so it takes a bit longer to go to the loo and underneath my jumper I look like Old Man Steptoe… or possibly Ian Dury… I don’t care, though, because whatever I do, my trousers stay where I put them. I can even run without having to hold them up with one hand and that’s got to be worth something.

Don’t let your bum crack be seen! Flout Newton’s laws, defy gravity and keep your trousers in place with braces!

On a technical note…

I have also noticed lots of people have set up communities on something called MyBlogLog… Ever the sheep, I’ve done it too although I don’t really understand a) what it’s for, b) what it does, c) how it works or d) how to use it.

No change there, then.

Oh… but if any of you are able to give me an indication as to how this will benefit my blog it would be just peachy!



1. Rua MacTírean - 20, January 2008

You should print that revelation on a massive billboard outside Compton. Gang violence would end within the week because nobody would look like a gangster anymore

2. Kat - 20, January 2008

I bought maternity pants from Target with waistbands that went over my belly. They were a godsend. For my second pregnancy, I swallowed my pride, splurged, and bought a full set of maternity clothes. I have to say, they were so much more comfy than making do with normal clothes at larger sizes.

3. GeekLady - 22, January 2008

I have a Bella Band, which is this stretchy thingy that will let me wear my normal pants unbuttoned without them falling down, but I haven’t had the opportunity to see how well it works yet.

Also, my husband just found your blog (he was tipped off by me laughed a little too enthusiastically over your pelvic floor post) and he’s laughing a fit to kill now…

4. babychaos - 22, January 2008

Rua, this is true, I could destroy gangsta cred for ever or make people scared of me!

Kat, they’re both supposed to go over the bump (big thick piece of elastic on ’em). That said they are a little on the big side… but worth buying because a) I’ll get bigger and b) they do my bum justice instead of making it look flabby and flat.

GeekLady, I have a bella band, too… although I’m now too far gone to wear normal trousers really – I still bought it because I thought when I’m going the other way, after my pregnancy, I’ll be able to wear normal clothes that wee bit sooner.



5. Joe Drinker - 23, January 2008

On the BlogLog thing, it benefits your blog by giving a face to your readers. I’m sure there’s some other social networking property at work there, but damned if I know.

I just like seeing people’s faces in my sidebar.

6. babychaos - 23, January 2008

Joe, thanks. I like it too… especially now there’s actually a real reader on there – your fine self – rather than a lot of random people who have nothing to do with me!



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