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Dodgy days… 22, January 2008

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, General Wittering, Life and living, not while you're eating, Small Scale Disasters.
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This morning, I offered to make Mr BC a cup of tea. Imagine my surprise when, kettle poised, I discovered I’d not put a tea bag in the cup. I was sure I had, I KNEW I had… tell me I hadn’t dreamed it (I do dream things sometimes and then think they are real). I put a new tea bag in and fill the cup, then I realise… yes, I put the teabag in my glass of water. It’s brown.

Never mind, things are not as bad as they were last Tuesday…

Cleaning out the sink after washing salad, prodding at the bits to make them go down the drain until I get to the last few large chunks which won’t break up. I have to scoop them out with my fingers and stick them in the compost… one of them is a slug. I have a complete phobia for slime so this sets up a manic cycle of hand washing lasting about an hour.

Every now and again I shudder and go eugh but at least I don’t hurl! I cling to this small victory.

Eventually, feeling a little better the time comes for me to retire to the loo with my newspaper and a cup of coffee. We have recently bought a new type of loo paper – we buy whatever brand has a buy 9 get 3 rolls free offer on. It’s not strong enough and I experience push through.

Same finger.

All up my nail.


The manic hand washing cycle began again as Mrs Slug Grease and Pooh Finger tried to cleanse herself.

Yeh. A teabag in my water is nothing.



1. Steff - 22, January 2008

Eew! Is there a Viz term for that? 😉 What brand was it? I have been known to pour hot water into cereal, as well as juice. It’s hard to function before the caffeine!

2. babychaos - 22, January 2008

Hey Steff, good to hear from you!

The only Viz term I have actually is “push through”. Although I suspect there are more but my Profanasaurus is an early one… 😉



3. cataclismical - 22, January 2008

Thanks for that .. I was just reading that eating my lunch. Funnily enough I don’t feel hungry any more!

4. babychaos - 22, January 2008

Cat, I should probably have put a vomit warning on it, shouldn’t I..? I am sorry to have ruined your lunch but I have heard what you said and added a new tag “not while you’re eating”. If you see this one, people, it means I’m going to talk about something really revolting.



5. mrsmetaphor - 22, January 2008

Ack….yeah, by comparison the teabag is nuthin’. Get used to it, pregnancy brain is bad but mommy brain feels permanent (but it isn’t so don’t panic.)

6. babychaos - 22, January 2008

Mrs M, no worries, I’ve been like this all my life so I’ve not really noticed any specific difference! I just have to write things down that little bit more…



7. Geldoff - 23, January 2008

Dontcha jes’ lurrrrve blogs that enable you to say stuff like this? Anyhoo, as our en-Ponded friends say, sound to me like there’s a haiku lurking in there somewheres (not that I know much about ’em!). How ’bout:

Muffin-brained in morning
Push-through occurs
Teabag in water is nothing.

(Note to self: day job, okay?) 😉

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