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Secret oops… 23, January 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play, Small Scale Disasters.
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Borrowed the husband’s car today. Nervous.

Arrived at a hole at the end of our road which was bollarded off. Not room for the car between the bollards and the kerb. Keen to avoid kerbing alloys at all costs – did them when car was two days old.  Drove over the… what would you call that… a bollard stand? Thinking it’s plastic and soft and it’ll be fine, surely?


Plastic flexes flipping bollard towards car.  Bollard clonks side of car with loud boom and then falls into hole along with big, plastic red and white stripy hurdle thing.  Bollard other end wobbles but stays still.


Man pops up from hole!

Oh dear!

Mrs BC opens the automatic windows, obviously she opens every single one before she gets the right button to open the one near the man that will allow her to ask him if he is ok. Luckily there are only two so it doesn’t take as long or look as cack as this might sound.

The man climbs cheerily out of the hole, smiles and laughs. Even better, despite making a loud bonk as it bounces off car bollard is found to have done no damage.

Phew… Nonetheless, the car’s husband-shaped owner will not be told.  Clearly this is for his own sake… and nothing to do with wife’s own selfish desire not to be given a thorough bollocking!

Workmen in to fix the kitchen tomorrow. VERY early. Even now, thinking of alarm time, wilting…



1. flyingrowan - 23, January 2008

Heh… I’m looking forward to whatever small scale disaster strikes when they come over. Not that any necessearily will.. I hope I’m not tempting fate here

2. babychaos - 23, January 2008

Now then… I’m definitely hoping that the workmen situation will be entirely chaos free!



3. Joe Drinker - 24, January 2008

Haha…nearly every time my wife drove my car after we first bought it, she would pull too far forward over the concrete strips that delineate the parking spaces. These curbs, or whatever they were, would inevitably remove, either partially or completely, the front valance from the car upon backing out.

It was like our running joke. Our running joke that nobody laughed at.

4. babychaos - 24, January 2008

Eek! I’ve seen those things, they’re the devil’s work. I fear to imagine how unfunny that was!



5. flyingrowan - 25, January 2008

some of the best running jokes are those that other people don’t laugh at

6. RubyShooZ - 25, January 2008

My goodness, what an exciting life you lead lately. Slugs first and now bollards – what are bollards?

After reading about the slugs now I think I have to go wash my hands for the rest of the evening – oh, and up your fingernails? Maybe by next week my hands will feel clean.

Always love and laughs. Peace baby.

7. babychaos - 25, January 2008

Flying Rowan… very true!

Ruby, a bollard is another word for a traffic cone, I’m not sure you have them in the States, in the UK when there are roadworks on the motorway they put loads of orange plastic cones out to cordon them off from the traffic…



8. BB - 28, January 2008

I cannot stop laughing on that one!!!!

Great commercial idea!

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