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Actual Accidents… 21, February 2008

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, General Wittering, Life and living, not while you're eating, Pregnancy Issues, Small Scale Disasters.
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Well no… not those accidents but when you combine a naturally clumsy pregnant woman with a mandolin – the type of mandolin that slices and dices, I mean rather than the type of mandolin with which you serenade a lady – the inevitable results occur.

Even with the special handy-protecty thing in place I have only narrowly managed to avoid adding a small slice of thumb to tonight’s dinner.  My thumb.  Mmm Mmm!

On the down side… I won’t enjoy my pending hot bath – which I’ve been looking forward to all day.

On the up side… I managed to stop it bleeding too copiously anywhere except all down the door of the bathroom cabinet while looking for plasters.*

* Note to self, put first aid kit at front of bathroom cabinet rather than at back behind 3 British Airways wash bags and approximately two thousand bottles of hotel toiletries stolen by your husband, while on business trips, from the Hotel De Vin.

Biggest up side of all, the piece of thumb didn’t fully detach so one, I was able to flap it back and hold id town, thus preventing the copious bleeding which took place when I let go two, no digging about in the shepherd’s pie for it and three, since I’d never have found it in a million years, the delightful truth that neither myself nor Mr BC need fear eating it.

Had a great time at aqua natal, too. The instructor was busy delivering a baby so I spent an hour treading water and talking to two girls I met in the changing room. It was top. I hope I get to meet them again. I gave one my card and suggested we meet for coffee! Then a lovely restful reflexology session.

Then I undid the lot by cutting that bit of my thumb off. Plaster and savlon applied… at least it’s stopped smarting now.



1. GeekLady - 21, February 2008

I keep plasters and ointment in a kitchen drawer for just such an emergency.

2. babychaos - 22, February 2008

Hmm… I think I will from now on! 😉



3. flyingrowan - 22, February 2008

You used the phrase “flap it back” jesus.. it makes me shudder. I don’t even think we have a first aid kit. Couple of summers ago I was washing up a rather delicatly thin – pilfered – pint glass, one of those ones that has a waist. I was washing too vigerously and it smashed in my hand slicing open a knuckle. I had to “flap it back” and have a sit down while my housemate a)cleaned up the blood and b)went to the shop for something sugary to deal with the shock. I’m pathetic. Well done on not eating your own flesh. Also, reflexology, was it relaxing from the beginning or did it make you feel weird at first?

4. babychaos - 22, February 2008

Sorry to make you shudder Flying R! Your own experience sounds pretty grim, I did something similar with a knife and a potato which turned out to have a slug in it… ah the joy of phobias, I chucked the potato away and the knife, inadvertently slashing a great gash in my thumb at the same time, luckily we had a Doctor staying with us, who came with butterfly stitches…

Reflexology is BRILLIANT. I was scared it would tickle but they rub your shins and ankles first and then go down to your feet… somehow this stops it being odd. It is the most relaxing thing you can have done… if you get a good practitioner!



5. Joe Drinker - 23, February 2008

Ewww….wish I wasn’t eating while reading this… :p

Hope you’re all back in one piece now!

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