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A nice killjoy post for leap day… 29, February 2008

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, Heavy Flow, not while you're eating.
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The adult content tag is switched on as is the not while you’re eating tag, if I had one the don’t watch if you’re thinking of slitting your wrists tag would be on and all.

Here’s a little video for you.  Sobering, intelligently presented and bang on the money. Not one of Mr Hannon’s catchier songs though.

How can you expect people to respect your humanity if you fail to acknowledge theirs? How can you expect to set up an honourable, incorruptable western style government, if western style governments are, themselves, corrupt? There are basic human rights. You cannot expect others to afford them to you if you do not afford them to others.

To be a Christian and to say you believe in torture, is to be a hypocrite. The two are mutually exclusive. Christian, torturer, you are one or the other.

There is also strong evidence to suggest that information obtained under torture is complete bollocks. People will say anything to make the pain stop. Morally reprehensible AND highly unreliable then. Loose, loose. So why?

Mr Hannon puts it better than I can and since he grew up in Northern Ireland, he knows. Anyone whose seen Ghandi will know we Brits are no better, I guess people like me just naively assumed that our successors would learn from our mistakes rather than replicating or eagerly attempting to surpass them.



1. magneto bold too - 1, March 2008

thanks babe. That was moving. They left out our previous Prime Minister who was merely a hand puppet for Bush, as Blair was his mistress. Not long before all 3 are gone. Thank God.

2. Noble Savage - 3, March 2008

Wow, very powerful song. Watching the Guantanamo footage makes me sick to my stomach though. How can the government possibly think that keeping all of those people locked up without trial is helping anything? It’s pitiful.

3. babychaos - 3, March 2008

Magneto… You feel pretty much the same way I do, clearly.

Noble Savage, yeh, spot on. You get back what you give. If you want to be seen as fair and just you have to BE fair and just as well as talk about it! And how can a person say they’re a Christian and then veto an anti-torture bill?

Beats me.



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