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Writing the wrong way round. 3, March 2008

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I’ve just written the end scene of my book. The last scene on the last page of the last book of the trilogy… probably.

Oh well, only two and a half books to go before I join it up with the completed section. If only I could focus on actually completing the first part of the story, there’s an outside chance I might finish a whole novel before the Muffin pops… probably…

Then again, I’m a great believer in writing the stuff that “wants” to be written first… and the other one… “Nothing in plumbing is forced. Neither is writing.” In other words, if you can’t write the bit where you are, write a bit where you aren’t… and unless I have to rewrite it, it’ll save me a job later…




1. Cliff Burns - 3, March 2008

A few months ago I was stuck, lacking confidence, so I decided to write all of the exciting, action-oriented scenes of a novella first and when I realized I had a decent story, I went back in and filled in the rest. Worked for me but that’s the first time I’ve tackled a project out-of-sequence. Hope your method works well for you…

2. babychaos - 3, March 2008

Hi Cliff,

Thanks for the endorsement/encouragement!

I think in this particular instance, it might not have worked because this one scene may be too far ahead. That said, at least it’s got it out of my head so I can write other scenes now without it getting in the way.

On the other hand, I have to concede that the other two out of sequence scenes I’ve done definitely have helped me to shape up what happens next between where I am and where they are.

So swings and roundabouts I guess!

Good to hear it worked for you too!



3. Joe Drinker - 13, March 2008

Ahh! Don’t tell me whodunit!

Just kidding. At least you’re making progress, albeit a different way around.

4. babychaos - 14, March 2008

Very true… it’s getting more and more complicated though!

Ah well!

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