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When good food goes bad… and is almost too Cute to throw out… 4, March 2008

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Yes, it’s time for another fascinating episode in the catalogue of disasters that is my risible attempt at good housewifery. I’m so shit at this home maker thing. So to warn you up front, for this one the Not while you’re eating tag is turned on. If you have any moral fibre, the smallest sense of house pride or the meagrest standards cleanliness, stop here.

Yesterday I was feeling very chipper and full of beans. This was such a surprise, perenially knackered as I am with the carrying of my lovely – but nonetheless parasitic – foetus, that I decided I would do something constructive… clean out our fridge. Not that it sucks but every now and again, stuff gets to the back… and gets forgotten… and becomes a rich source of free penicillin.

So when I came to check the contents of the cheese keeper…

I lifted the lid and found this…

Mouldy Cheese

This is what three weeks does to a fresh goat’s cheese. One of those lovely, very tasty white ones which yes, had I not forgotten about it, would have lasted less than hours in this house.

As mouldy food goes, I have to say, it was pretty cute.

Anyone remember the episode of the Muppets when Gonzo brings in a whole load of singing mushrooms for his act?

Kermit asks them where they came from and Gonzo admits that he had left some… well I think it might actually have been cheese in his fridge when he went away and when he came back it was covered in mushrooms but they were too cute to throw out… so instead, he keeps them and teaches them to sing.

Here’s a close up.

Still too cute to throw out…

See what I mean, it doesn’t take much to jump from this to say…


Still too cute to throw out, with eyes…

You see? You want to take it home with you, don’t you?

I sent it to Mr BC in an e-mail… he thinks it’s cute too. We toyed with the idea of sending it to his Mum but decided she would freak out and never come to stay here again. The untidiness in this house is mostly down to me.

My mum… well, she’d probably have scraped the mould off and made it into a soufflé*… “it’s only been eating cheese, it’s alright if it’s cooked long enough to kill the germs” or some such.

*Actually, she wouldn’t but what with me being a chip off the old block it is the kind of thing she might also find in her fridge.

So there you are.

Whenever you feel your house is a tip or your standards are low just pop over here and have a look at this. You should feel better at once.



1. Mark Kenny - 4, March 2008

Ha ha, that’s great. I mean I love this, really love it!

2. flyingrowan - 5, March 2008

that’s wonderful. i’ve created some lovely messes out of mould, none as cute as that though.. i want to stroke it and find it a mate. its the prettier little sister of the black mould i currently have growing on my bedroom wall…

3. Steff - 5, March 2008

I don’t feel quite so bad with my expired yoghurts now! Your stomach must be impressive, apologies but your furry friend has made me a bit squiffy! That and last night while cooking seafood pasta (from a seafood mix from Tesco) I came across this…thing. At first I thought it was a mussel, but on closer inspection realized I had no idea what it was. It was pod shaped, with a shrivelled tail looking thing, and I placed it on the chopping board to dissect it. When I tried to cut it it just sort of deflated, it was dried and shrivelled and my stomach could not take it so I put it in the bin. I did not tell hubby as he is even squiffier than me and it was a rather expensive tea what with the white wine fresh pasta and all. But it is haunting me, like something out of Eraserhead. At least the mould is a natural process. This was some sort of alien sea pod, I wish I’d been brave enough to take a photo! bleurgh..

4. babychaos - 5, March 2008

Mark, I’m delighted you enjoyed it, I aim to please.

Flying Rowan, maybe we should get them together and see what happens!

Steff, sounds like it was a razor fish as they look a bit like that. Whatever it was it sounds grim but then again, Tesco’s sea food mix… kind of inviting fear into your home I’d say… 😉



5. Red - 5, March 2008

OMGosh . . my OCD-driven ass would freakin’ cry over something like that, if I found it in MY fridge. .hahaa!
Cute? I dunno. Scary, yes.

6. Geldoff - 5, March 2008

Aww, BC, you’ve got to give it a name!

It reminds me of a Tribble from one of the early Star Trek episodes! You just wait, you’ll wake up tomorrow morning and there’ll be families of them all contentedly purring at each other and following you round like puppies. 🙂

7. flyingrowan - 5, March 2008

..Steff, I had similar problems identifying things I found in a “Crayfish Medley”, mistakenly and spontaneously bought from Sainsbury’s to go in a Thai curry. Those mixed bags just aren’t worth it I reckon.

8. Kat - 5, March 2008

That really does look cute and cuddly. Probably because I can’t smell it. *g*

9. babychaos - 6, March 2008

Red, I’m sure it would wheedle its way into your heart!

Geldoff, What bout Gerald? Interesting you should mention tribbles we have that joke going about one of my jumpers at the moment… it flakes red balls everywhere, we were going out for a walk in Bruge on holiday a couple of weeks ago and practically finding them on the streets, where they’d landed the day before… Hence we decided they are breeding, ergo they are now called jumper tribbles!

Steff, there you go, flyingrowan and I both agree. I reckon the unidentifiable things are perfectly edible but it’s just that they’re the off cuts, and you don’t know which cut or what off!

Kat… it didn’t actually smell but then with all that fur it must have been difficult for the aroma to get out, although what with my pregnant lady sinuses it may have honked I may have been inured to the aroma!



10. Anne - 6, March 2008

Hello! Good to be back, it’s been about a year…but hey, sporadic is just the way I roll. 🙂 I’m so glad you’re still around, And Ohh, what a cute little pet you have living in your fridge! If only you could somehow get rid of the smell, you could practically grow these & put them up for sale. Forget the pet rock… why settle for that when you could have a real Living, fuzzy, slimy little handful of a creature? 🙂 Skeevy? Yes. But also delightful? Quite possibly.
Take care! I’ll be around 🙂

11. babychaos - 6, March 2008

It’s lovely isn’t it?! 😉

12. lea alissa - 8, March 2008

It looks all fluffy!
I never grow white stuff like that..I always get either the gray or green ones that are lumpy looking..usually found by the Mister.
in college I once found mushrooms growing on an old slice of pizza..
I’m happy to know I am not alone.:D

13. Joe Drinker - 13, March 2008

Look! Now the dust bunnies have someone to play with. 😉

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