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I creak… I groan… I ache… I moan* 10, March 2008

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*on and on and on.

I’ve definitely been over guilding the lilly on the social front. I knew this was a bad time to get pregnant but hadn’t quite hoisted in just how bad… until now.

Put it like this, my best friends from school are all 40 this year, all before me. That’s good because I’ll get to their parties but bad in that… well… we have the last three weekends free before the baby is due. Guess how many weekends we have free before that?

Yep. That’s right. The number is round and o-shaped.

So… really taking it easy up to the birth (not) especially as we are talking parties with a capital P, the kind of parties I haven’t been to since my 20s, with costumes… and dancing… and a lot of booze. Yeh, I’m going to be doing a lot of driving – not that there’s a jot of difference between drunk and over excited BC!

So this was the first of the high stamina party weekends… how did it go?


We started with a straightforward dinner at some friends. Great but late. Stayed over. Very uncomfortable bed resulting in very uncomfortable SPD and very little sleep.


The next night I drove from my parents, where we spent the weekend, to a friend’s house about an hour away from them for a pirate party complete with disco, picking up a gang of us on the way. Yes.

I writhed around like an epileptic plugged into a car battery danced and it was cool.


It didn’t hurt!


Until the next morning…

Oh dear.

Lesson 1. If you are lugging a large baby around which, complete with gubbins, weighs an extra 2 stones, not to mention is consuming most of the oxygen, blood sugar etc, get yourself a painful medical condition and then go dance manically all night electing to avoid bed until about half past two in the morning, predictable results will occur, ergo; pain, seized up back and therefore, headache. Monster headache. Not for hours. For days.


The headache lasted all yesterday and most of today and although I am delighted, almost beyond words, to report it has now gone, I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open (despite an illicit 40 winks stolen earlier this afternoon).

It makes sense when I look at it rationally, there’s less of the stuff I need to leap about floating around in my body for me because some always goes to the Muffin. That means the stress on the system is greater and a couple of hour’s gentle bopping suddenly impacts on your body like a 45 mile fell run. Didn’t think it would. Not with the Tuesday night dance class and all the swimming.


On the up side, Mr BC is… well frankly he should be up for canonisation.

My normally very supportive parents were giving me a long lecture this morning about not eating too much as now’s the time I’m going to pile on more weight. Moral, if, during your pregnancy, you start eating biscuits for the first time in about 10 years, don’t mention it to anyone.

I’d thought, despite putting on all the weight recommended during a pregnancy already, that I was doing quite well. I’m 5ft, 7″ and when I weigh 9 stones I am a size 8-10 and have that supermodel/Belsen thing going on where your knees are bigger than your thighs.

What I’m saying here is that I’m quite heavy, even when I’m slim… 10 and a half stones at a size 12 or 14 with a flat – concave when I lie down – stomach (and these are British sizes so if you’re in the old US there, take one off).

So I guess I have rather thought that 1 and a half stones for a “normal” woman – ie one my height who would weigh 8 stones at a size 14 – would probably equate to two, or possibly a bit more for me.

I’ve been measuring my thighs, arms, ankles etc with a tape measure – this is what I do, rather than diet because I’m such a heavy bastard… The results aren’t bad, I am thicker round the legs but only half an inch or so and the definition on my arms is still good. The cellulite is worse but I guess, since cellulite is a circulation thing, that’s only to be expected.

I’ve therefore been a bit distressed to be told how much bigger I’m looking by pretty much everyone (well I am but it’s mostly tits and bump) and for the size of my legs to be regarded with what was clearly shock and horror by my parents. I’d assumed most people meant that I have got a big bump, which I have. However, now I’m beginning to wonder. A long lecture ensued from my Mum about being careful what I eat, not eating any biscuits or fattening things etc.

This may be partly because I copied out all my Mum’s biscuit recipes at the weekend, thinking that I would rather eat things I’ve made myself than bought stuff as I will have greater control of the GI/additive levels and also, I’ve noticed mums do coffee and tea rather than lunch so I thought I should get prepared.

Anyhow, I was a bit down and upstairs I said to my beloved that it was all a bit worrying when even my parents think I’m fat.

“I don’t think you look any fatter than you did before.” He said. “You just have a big bump on the front!” And then he kissed me.

He deserves a medal.



1. Noble Savage - 11, March 2008

Oh, that would’ve steamed me up big time! Why does everyone think it’s their business what size or shape you get when pregnant? You’re growing another human being inside of you for christ’s sake! I would’ve stuffed two more biscuits in my mouth and put two fingers up as well. *grumble grumble*

2. babychaos - 11, March 2008

Mwah ha ha haargh! I love that! I did get quite defensive although I missed a trick with the two fingers routine! Then again, my parents are normally the antithesis of the usual do-gooding advice givers you get while pregnant.



3. Kat - 12, March 2008

My Mum also nagged me not to eat too much during pregnancy. I mostly ignored her. (This is the same woman who sneaks chocolates in to give to my toddler and teaches him not to tell me. Hello, eating disorder.) The hubby said I was a fertility goddess. Heh.

4. GeekLady - 12, March 2008

Oh dear. Don’t worry about the weight so much as long as you’re staying healthy. It’ll come off. I’m the exact opposite, fretting about NOT gaining enough weight.

How many weeks before you’re due? I need to know how long I have to finish your baby present and send it across the pond.

5. babychaos - 12, March 2008

Kat, I’m glad I’m not the only one then.

Geek Lady, you sweetie, I’m on week 29. Any idea of names for yours?



6. GeekLady - 12, March 2008

David, but after my favorite uncle who passed away a little over a year ago, and not the luscious David Tennant.

7. babychaos - 12, March 2008

David is a good name. Fine choice. Enough people are called David for it not to be weird but at the same time, with any luck you’re not going to get 5 Davids in his year at school!



8. GeekLady - 12, March 2008

What about you and Mr. BC? Are you going avant-garde, and naming him Muffin, or do you have something more conventional in mind?

9. babychaos - 13, March 2008

Boringly all the eldest sons of eldest sons in Mr BC’s family have the same name so we’ve dropped the odd middle family name and put George in so he doesn’t have to be called the same thing as his father if he doesn’t want to but at the same time, we don’t go upsetting everyone by breaking with tradition.




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