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Life in plastic IS fantastic… 12, March 2008

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Ok, look this is a bit girlie and probably because I’m pregnant and hormonal but it also goes to introduce one of the things that’s pretty much embedded in my psyche, along with Star Wars and all those sixties shows like the Avengers which they used to show at 6 o’clock on BBC 2 when I was a kid…

As a sad spud, I’ve just bought a smashing action man-sized Doctor doll as a present for one of my smaller rellies.

Dr Who is this completely brilliant BBC sci-fi show – but only, really, if you’re British, it’s not the kind of thing many other nations get. Dr Who never kills anyone or at least not on purpose although he sometimes makes exceptions when it’s self defence.

Although there is always lots of action, he doesn’t have fights or use a gun, he has a sonic screwdriver instead and he wanders across time, a kind of bicycle repair man of the universe, thwarting a selection of evil baddies with nothing more than a dash of Time Lord powers and his incredibly pointy brain.

Now, when I was a kid, I absolutely loved the show. I was gutted when it was finally axed but while enigmatic, charismatic and generally an all round good egg, Dr Who, himself, was never fanciable in my book.

Enter… if that’s the right word to use, the current incumbent, David Tennant. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Not only a decent actor but also a bit of a sex pot, an alien concept for most Dr Who fans. He does overdo the rubber-faced gurning a bit but I can forgive him that… see below.
Dr Who number 10

See what I mean? You’d forgive him, too, wouldn’t you? If you like your men mercurial and intelligent looking you really can’t go far wrong with this one – even with the scary orange BBC Dr Who show background.

So the action figure I bought looks like this.

Dr Who astronaught

Mwa ha ha haaargh!
That’s so not right! He may be plastic and he may only be a foot tall but I would… and… um… that’s a bit scary.

Having checked with my small friend’s mother her reaction is the same as mine…  She wants one because, “…it looks so like the beautiful David Tennant – I could  have him with me at all times!”




1. GeekLady - 12, March 2008

You do not have to be British to love Dr. Who, although I’m not sure exactly what you have to be. Science has found British humor to be linked to genetics (http://www.physorg.com/news124444599.html), so maybe Dr. Who love is similar.

While David Tennent is so adorable you just want to hug him, and I resent the Royal Shakespeare company for stealing him next year… I miss Christopher Eccleston who was just so damn ANIMATED in everything he did, and more entertainingly grumpy.

But we don’t even get basic cable, so we have to wait (and save $$) patiently for the DVD set to appear.

2. babychaos - 12, March 2008

Ah ha! But you’re a geek which, taste wise, makes you kind of British by proxy as I understand it. 😉

I do like David Tennent more but I have to admit I loved Christopher Ecclestone, too and I didn’t honestly believe anyone else could live up to him. I thought it was a great pity he only did a short stint. So at the moment I feel that the appeal of the show, for me, will definitely pall a little when the luscious David departs BUT then again… who knows who will come next. My sympathies on having to wait for the DVDs… they are pretty pricey, too.



3. Joe Drinker - 13, March 2008

Is it just me, or is the action figure staring at something closer to him than the camera lens? Is there a teleprompter involved here?

4. Steff - 14, March 2008

Swoon! – think hubby would get suspicious if I brought one of these home, especially as I’ve half convinced him we are going to see Hamlet at RSC this summer for purely artistic reasons, tsk!

5. babychaos - 14, March 2008

Joe, I think he’s probably concentrating on keeping as still as possible, when interviewed he said it’s quite difficult posing for the modelling shots used as he reckons the key to a good action figure is that it should have a fairly blank expression so you can, kind of imagine it in.

Steff I know… he’s an obscenely attractive man. When I write my book I know who’s going to play the hero when they make the movie… ;-0 Mwah ha ha haaargh!



6. mrsmetaphor - 17, March 2008

I love Dr Who….and while I’m not a rabid Dr Who fan I can say enough that I liked Tom Baker best as Dr Who. I guess he was my “era” huh?

7. babychaos - 17, March 2008

Ah, now I loved Tom Baker and until the recent relaunch liked him and John Pertwee best – my era, too!

However, I was very impressed with both Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant but then, they’re pretty much moderen re-inventions of those two, aren’t they, Mr E being John Pertwee and David Tennant being Tom Baker.

Glad to find Dr Who has so many fans over the pond! I never knew!



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