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How Anal? 17, March 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Pregnancy Issues.

Today I am compiling a list of the basics we will need to accommodate the Muffin’s arrival.  Normally I wouldn’t do something like this but Mr BC is very busy at work and is looking thin lipped and stressed so he needs to be reassured that I’ve got everything in hand…

So the list… an Excel spreadsheet no less.  Mwah ha ha haargh!  How can I be such a techno spud when I haven’t passed a maths exam since I was 9?

Meanwhile some strange little box has appeared on my blog and I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to work out how to make it go away, not before I’d ad blocked it and disabled it for all time though.  Damn…  An unblock button on Adblock would be just peachy.

Well… back to the list.



1. Joe Drinker - 18, March 2008

An actual spread sheet? Are you sure you’re an artist? 😉

2. flyingrowan - 18, March 2008

Spreadsheets are exciting! I can’t believe I just said that… Well, I can only say that because I don’t have to work with them, and I can’t remember how to use them properly, it also just feels good using a part of the Office package other than Word

3. babychaos - 18, March 2008

Joe, yes I’m an artist but I am also a bit of geek and my husband is an engineer re-trained as a laywer (and he’s scottish so that’s a tripple dose of anal caution!). Also, spread sheets add stuff up and everyone knows artists can’t! Or at least… er… not this one.

Flyingrowan, exciting is not quite the word I would use but yes, it’s a nice change not to be using Word and as I mentioneed… they add stuff up!



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