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This is why I will get fat… 18, March 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Pregnancy Issues.
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And Muffin will be a lard arse

12.30. Hungry. Lunch time 30 minutes and counting. Will just catch up on my blogs first though.

14.46. Shit! Still reading my blogs but have now transformed into a ravening, slavvering beast.

14.47. I have lost control and will now walk into the kitchen and eat everything that isn’t nailed down. Cheese, cold meats and a boiled egg. Can’t be arsed to make a salad but if I’m lucky I may trough an apple.

Dammit all, they reckon you influence your baby’s diet in the last weeks. Eat healthily and eschew dodgy comfort foods and the small one will naturally enjoy the healthy flavours it tasted while in the womb… why is it that now, of all times, suddenly all I can want to eat are things like chocolate fudge, biscuits and cake?


Going to make some tablet.

Maybe I’ll try a smoothie as well.



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 18, March 2008

Don’t you believe it, BC. A couple of the only things I could tolerate for months were cheeseburgers and extra greasy, extra salty french fries (chips). Those were the only things that didn’t have odors that made me gag. I could not stand the smell of vegetables for much of that pregnancy, and that child should detest anything good for him, but he eats lots of fruits and veggies, craves broccoli, and is slim and trim.

2. B - 19, March 2008

HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not the only one stuffing my face!

3. babychaos - 19, March 2008

Mrs N, thank you for that very reassuring statement!

B, I am delighted to discover I am not alone!



4. Laurie Kendrick - 20, March 2008

Right now, all I want is a cheeseburger and a chocolate milk shake. No chips for me…I like crisps with mine. It’s a texture thing.

And two of the worst things I could put in my body. I think fat and weight gain were sins applied to the female of humanity as punishment for Eve eating that goddamned apple.

Men have it easier than women. This is inarguable. What would have happened had Adam grabbed the apple instead?

Nothing but I’ll bet 50 bucks that he would;ve forced Eve make it into a pie.


Happy Week,

5. babychaos - 20, March 2008

Too right. Do you know in 1847 when Chloroform was first used to make labour a bit less painful there was actually a religious debate as to whether it should be allowed because women were being punished for causing the downfall of mankind.

I kid you not. People believed that women deserved to suffer.

Holy shit!



6. writerchick - 21, March 2008

Hey BC!
It’s all about the hormones – they make you want what you want and it’s got nothing to do with anything else. And believe me, your kid is going to love junk food, if ever she/he tastes it. It’s just a universal truth.

7. babychaos - 22, March 2008

WC, I think you may be right!



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