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Meh for deffo. 2, April 2008

Posted by babychaos in Grumpy Old Bag, Pregnancy Issues, Small Scale Disasters, whinging, winging.
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A meh day.


Last week, well on Sunday and Monday, the Muffin turned. No longer was he lying diagonally across me, with all his weight on the dodgy bit of pelvis he was upside down, the correct way and pain-wise, all was peachy. Hell on Monday I even cut the hedge…

Tuesday… the great conundrum… shall I go swimming or borrow my friend’s hot tub for an hour or two? Seeing as I feel so goddamn good, I’ll swim.

Noooo! That’s the wrong answer! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

I go swimming, it’s lanes. There are two. Fast and slow. It’s a lie. They are splashy crawl and breast stroke. There is NO difference in speed. Both are fast.


I get in and do 15 lengths of backstroke. I have to go faster than I want to because it’s very full and I am holding people up if I don’t keep pace – a pace I’d usually have no trouble with, I might add.

When I get out, I learn two things.

1. SPD and kicking. Absolute no-no! Whatever they say, breast stroke legs probably would be better.

2. At some point in the proceedings, the Muffin has retreated to the bottom again.

3. I can hardly walk to the changing rooms.


Night comes, pain comes, sleep – or at least deep sleep – doesn’t. I wake up feeling like shit and as if I haven’t slept.

Never mind. I have cheered myself up no end by having a haircut. For the next 24 hours or so I will look like a smart well turned out female. That’s good as for the most part I feel like there are actually three sexes, man, woman and pregnant. It’s great to feel womanly again.

This afternoon… not so great. I had a doctor’s appointment but the SPD smarting a tad I decided to eschew the bike and take my car. I jemmy myself into it, turn the key and what happens. Short of a sad metallic sigh, nothing. The battery is flat. It picks now, for the first time in about three years to die on me.


I get out, lock it, admonish it for being a little bleeder and go get my bike. Luckily there is still time. I flee up the hill, or at least, creep up using the granny ring, all the while wheezing like an asthmatic pensioner with a 50 a day high tar fag habit. Just get there on time. Ask the doctor all my questions. She reassures me about the scary ones but there is no easy answer to the SPD. I will be in pain… for the next 9 weeks at least and for anything up to 6 months after the birth possibly ever, depending on whether it knits back right or wrong… oooh a post partum visit to the chiropractor essential I think..

She confirms my suspicions about the Muffin’s unusual diagonal position. Head on the left at the bottom, feet kind of half way up on the right. Unfortunately, the fact he tried two days upright and slipped back after the swimming is most likely to be less to do with the backstroke and more to do with his being comfy like that and therefore, disinclined to move to a less pain-inducing position.


Sometimes, even when life is great, it kind of sucks!



1. Joe Drinker - 2, April 2008

Well, in light of recent developments, please ignore my previous comment about taking your car rather than your bike.

2. babychaos - 2, April 2008

I know… bloody thing! It’s normally so reliable too!

Bummer! 😉



3. mrsmetaphor - 2, April 2008

Gosh, I’m sorry babe…that pain sounds immense. Bah.

I wish I had some good thoughts for you on that! Dang. I’ll let you know if I run across anything.

4. mrsmetaphor - 2, April 2008

I meant good advices…lol…I ALWAYS have good thoughts for you…

5. RubyShooZ - 3, April 2008

Oh but darling, he’s moving, he’s there and I’m so damn happy to hear things are rolling along as they should be I could cry tears of happiness for you. I know it’s not been easy for you and it’s been quite horrible in the past but I’m putting you, Mr.C. and lil Muffin on my list of things to be grateful for today and I hope you do too.

Much love!

6. babychaos - 3, April 2008

Mrs M, no worries I got you. It’s one of those things… I’ll live!

Ruby, very true – one of the reasons I whinge so much on here is so that I don’t go on about it to my husband and my non-virtual mates. I’m glad I’ve given you something to feel chirpy about too! I’m feeling very chirpy about it, myself, today.



7. Juliette (new baby on the way) Gold - 7, April 2008

Just come across your blog, so missed out on the earlier posts, but it sounds like you’re having a tough time of it. Hope it eases up.

Just remember, however bad it is now and in the delivery room, there’s just NOTHING like holding your own baby! I’ve got six, and it gets better every time!

Hang on in there 😉

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