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I am a tiger! 3, April 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play.
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A couple of nights ago we watched a documentary about tigers.

As you can see, nobody in the room was more interested than Mr Cat, who leapt off my lap and scurried over to the screen to get a closer look.  He showed the tigers a lot of respect, clearly, despite being on TV, he realised they were big bad muthas…

Ah yes… my cousins

He also enjoys football – that’s soccer to my American chums.

Ah great, the footy’s on



1. Rua MacTírean - 3, April 2008

I like football……ye

2. Mrs. Nicklebee - 3, April 2008

That’s funny!

The newer tvs sure are more pet friendly. Heidi likes to watch tv, too.

3. flyingrowan - 3, April 2008

i wish i wish i wish i had a cat

4. Anne - 4, April 2008

Awe!! I don’t blame Mr. Cat….Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! Sorry, couldn’t stop myself. (smile)… We recently got a flatscreen, and the dog likes to watch it as well- I wonder if it’s easier for them to see in that format, or something…

Take good care!


5. magneto bold too - 5, April 2008

awww, poor puddy can’t lay on top of the TV and bat at the screen like in the good ol’ days before flat screens…

6. babychaos - 5, April 2008

Anne, I think you may be right, when I was a kid our cat never took any notice of the TV.

Magneto, the predecessor was a huge sony trinitron and that had a sloping top so poor Mr Cat has never had that luxury. He often sleeps on that speaker though…



7. Nicole - 7, April 2008

So funny! My dog watches TV all the time but my cat has never even noticed it before.

8. Joe Drinker - 9, April 2008

Mr. Cat’s probably thinking “I don’t know where that window leads, but I gotta keep it between me and him!”

9. babychaos - 10, April 2008

Hello there Nicole, I’m glad to hear that TV watching crosses the dog/cat divide!

Joe, if only Mr Cat was that sensible. Unfortunately, what he’s almost certainly thinking is.

“That huge, striped, fifty times larger than I am, killing machine of a cat spilled my pint! I’m gonna ‘ave ‘im!”



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