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I wish… 8, April 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play, Pregnancy Issues.
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I am enjoying three blissful days with no appointments, no social stuff, nothing. It’s been blissful becasue I’ve finally have some time to get my head round what I’ve done… and er what needs to be done to ameliorate the impact. What needs packed, what needs unpacked, what’s still to buy… etc.

Just been discussing a party I’m going to with a friend – her 40th. It’s the second 40th this year – it’s all go!

There’s a cabbal of 4 of us who were really close at school and one had her’s last year on her 39th and her husband’s 40th and since the Muffin will be arriving on or around my 40th birthday I’ve decided I will have to have mine later. Friend thought this was great as it would spread them out. I do too, dancing and pregnancy are not a match made in heaven.

We were chuckling about how Mr BC and I would have to have a 42, Meaning of Life and 50 for Mr BC Science Fiction party or, if I have produced another sprog in two years time, it will have to wait until I’m 44 and then we’ll have an Almost The Meaning of Life (52) For Mr BC and 40th Birthday that I’ve been Meaning to Have for Years but Couldn’t Because I Kept Having Children at Bloody Inconvenient Times Science Fiction Party.

Snappy titles huh?

She reckons she’d go as Wharf and I reckoned I’d go as Darth Vader. No looking pretty as Princess Leia or Uhuru for us. She’s got an excuse, though, she’s gay! I’m just a spanner!

Lots of contact about my art, too – links with craft fairs and other artists, all people contacting me, all useful… bread on the waters if you like.

I have 8 to 10 weeks to ready the house, let alone myself, for motherhood. Yikes. Will I get everything sorted in time?

Million dollar question! You know me though, don’t you so I think we can all answer it with a certain amount of confidence? Not in a million years, mate but it’ll be fine.

I spent some time in my studio today and packed up two boxes of my precious toys. Only about another 30 or so and I’ll have them all sorted. I really enjoyed doing that, it was great to look at them all again.

Many are new and still boxed, although I much prefer it when I’m able to get them unboxed as they’re more fun then. On the up side, if they’re all boxed at least the process doesn’t get held up when I keep stopping to play. Trying to stick to themes and packing all the boxed ones first so we now have three boxes of Dr Whos stuff packed with a few extra overflow items which fitted better in the holes left between the packed boxes. Only supermarionation, StarTrek, StarWars, JamesBond and “sundries” to go then!

Despite their being boxed boxes, so to speak, each one contains one or two loose figures so that there is somebody to let the others out when they all come alive at night.

This is the way I think. Welcome to my world.

I also managed to sort out my old computer so I can put it on Freecycle. Oh how much easier it would have been if I could have just done “format C” but nobody would want a 1998 computer without a little bit of a carrot. I’m hoping the aged versions of Macromedia Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Pagemaker it contains will appeal, despite their age.

I guess there might be some poor cash strapped student somewhere who would appreciate it with an external drive for extra storage.

On the pregnancy front, the SPD is still there, still painful and still annoying but a lot better. I have grown out of one of my last two pairs of trousers though. Just call me 101. Not so great. I have one more pair but they are cotton three quarter length – there’s me thinking they’d be useful if there was any warm weather. There hasn’t been.

Anyhow, I am now down to a pair of purple chords and a huge orange skirt which presents similar difficulties to the trousers – ie not tenable without thermal underwear! Mwa ha ha haargh!

Never mind, deciding what to wear has never been easier.

I do find myself wishing more and more that I could have just laid a giant egg, like a crocodile, left it on the spare room bed and then come back 9 months later to be around when it hatched. Although with Mr Cat in the house I’d have had to watch out for preditors.

We’re pretty near tooled up though, I just need to get a straight run when I’m here long enough to order the rest of the stuff I need off the internet and able to be confident I’ll be in the country when it arrives. There’s a lot of fun stuff going on in April but it’s going to be a struggle. I have contented myself with working out exactly what I want, where from and writing lists… with links to the pages where I can find everything.


Right, better go make supper.


1. magneto bold too - 9, April 2008

love your birthday ideas! My BFF and I have decided on a joint 40th with bouncy castle, jelly pool and half nekkid waiters. Will be awesome!

2. babychaos - 9, April 2008

Sounds great! Especially the half nekkid waiters! 😉



3. Joe Drinker - 9, April 2008

8-10 weeks left, eh? Good luck…it will be sure to fly by!

4. babychaos - 10, April 2008

Hopefully it won’t fly too fast or the arrival might be a tad chaotic… not that being organised about it will make it any less chaotic I guess!



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