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Ripper day! 24, April 2008

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Yes today has been a GOOD one.

Slept well, including one stint of a whole four hours without waking up and headed out to aqua-natal. It was a given we were all having coffee after – brilliant, I haven’t been able to persuade anyone to do that before so it’s obviously improved over the 3 weeks I’ve missed.

During our lengthy chat – very nice and sociable – one woman said I could get free re-usable nappies from the council, I rang and sure enough I am now the proud owner of 4 brand-new medium sized Motherese Rikki outer pants, 4 little pants made by someone else but they look pretty good, 12 terry cloth foldy things to go inside them, 600 biodegradeable liners (!) and a nappy pail. So combined with the stuff I already have that’s another item ticked on the must have list.

Even better, with the ones I have already bought at a car boot – used once, sterilised by the seller and then twice more by me – I now have the prerequisite 24 sets of nappies with a blessed 4 of the terry cloths in hand so yes, I’ve also sorted my muslin squares. All this stuff would be about £230 or more new and I’ve spent the grand total of £7 for £188’s worth and scored the rest absolutely free.


I guess the moral of this story is that help comes from the most unexpected of places.  Who’d have thought that if you want some free nappies, the thing to do was ask your local council.

I’ve also managed to get rid of the giant computer which was cluttering up my office… god bless Freecycle and all who sail in her! I’ve got at least five takers on that one and I’m very pleased as it means I will have a new place to start storing my boxes of packed stuff ahead of our smashing attic floor-o-rama.

On to my next topic.


I dreamt a lot the other night. I can’t remember all of them but a couple spring to mind, one because it was possibly the bizarrest thing I’ve ever dreamt and the other because I remembered it. I wear a couple of those bead bangles, a brown one – tiger’s eye, a whatever volcanic glass is called (can’t remember) and amethyst. I dreamt I lost them the other day and found them… wait for it…


Up my arse!

I had to pull them out and wash them off before I could put them back on.

How fricking odd is that?

I also dreamed some very good looking and most buff hunk wanted to shag me but all I wanted was to shag Mr BC. Mr BC didn’t want to shag me though, which is par for the course, he doesn’t at the moment, I freak him out. He is clearly not into shagging truckers. It’s that kind of wank seance thing, too where you feel like the baby is watching. Even so, he was clearly happy when I told him about it and that despite feeling a bit of nooky would be nice I only wanted it with him.

That said, of course, although I’d kind of like a bit of bedroom action er… on paper, so to speak, when it actually comes to it (phnar phnar) I feel less in the mood for sex than I ever have in my life. I ache too much, if you’ve ever tried to have a shag after some major surgery or at least, when some bit of your bod is really hurting, you’ll know you think it sounds like a great idea until you try and then find it’s not really all it’s cracked (gnurk) up to be.

Sorry. Channelling Finbarr Saunders there.



1. B - 24, April 2008

First thanks for the comment on my blog. I worry way too much about the future and miss the present… thus the reason I feel I miss being pregnant so much and that I was robbed of the last month. But, he’s home and a gem to say the least. I love him with all my heart. I do need to enjoy the present.

Ditto on the shagging. Cannot wait to do it myself. I haven’t since January I believe. TOO LONG. I freaked out the hubby as well…

2. Noble Savage - 25, April 2008

I shudder when people say the words ‘aqua natal class’. Mine was horrid, the instructor was a borderline elderly woman with one too many face lifts and a bad perm who proceeded to jump into the pool in all of her clothes (including trainers) to motivate us pregnant ladies because apparently we just weren’t “getting it.” I’ve never been so glad to see a changing room in my life. Needless to say, I never went again.

3. babychaos - 25, April 2008

B delighted to have helped glad I wasn’t the only one with a freaked out husband. I think we managed one in February and then that was it… ! I can’t wait I especially can’t wait until I actually feel like it too! As somebody creeping into the last “month” now, trust me, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I can’t wait to not be hurting any more or at least hurting in a way that’s not a precursor to other, different types of pain; breastfeeding, labour and aftermath etc… Also if you turn it round, it’s an extra few weeks with your boy – who looks a sweetie by the way!

Noble Savage – that sounds completely dire! Forget her jumping in, I would probably have pushed her. I am lucky with mine as it’s a very relaxed supportive environment run by a midwife so you can ask her questions at the end and are, essentially, getting a midwife consultation every week… well… if you’re around to go that is but I should get another couple in before I pop!



4. magneto bold too - 26, April 2008

WOW. Free nappies from your council? That is awesome.

And the sex thing? My kids are 16,14 and 9. And sex is virtually non existent. Kids are ALWAYS awake or have pissed me off so much I am not in the mood.

5. Joe Drinker - 26, April 2008

There’s got to be a better place to store your head bangles. I mean, sure, you want to have them with you, but don’t you carry a purse? 😉

6. writerchick - 26, April 2008

Hey BC!
Nice on the getting of the nappies – your dreams however, made me chortle – especially the one about the bangles. I hope you were wearing rubber gloves. 😉

7. babychaos - 30, April 2008

Magneto, oh dear, I hope my husband doesn’t read that bit!

Joe, it’s gross isn’t it! Normally, obviously, I carry them on my arms.

WC, glad the dreams make you chortle, horrifically, I don’t think I was wearing rubber gloves but luckily my subconscious didn’t go into that much detail! Phew!



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