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Lorks! 13, May 2008

Posted by babychaos in Art, careers, General Wittering, Life and living, Pregnancy Issues.
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Feeling better today.

Turns out I was spine to spine and Mum had an elective C section scheduled – my brother was a bit of an emergency, they reckon she would only have survived another 10 minutes or so by the time they got him out so clearly her insides were a bit knacked hence their decision it would be bad for her to have a difficult labour. Anyway, I turned up, pretty much in the car on the way to hospital, without any trouble, the right way up, the day before it was scheduled.

Perhaps Muffin is simply taking after his mum.

A nice little art thing cropped up today. Have spent the day seeking advice for pricing etc and got a lot from helpful strangers. If it comes off, I’ll let you know what happened. If not, well, I’ve had a diverting day bathing in the kindness of strangers.

Very little else to report… the art would be good though, it’s simple fun stuff, block colours and bold felt tip. Got a commission, too for a £35 name. Very handy!



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