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This week’s tally… 15, May 2008

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Ok, I seem to have become Mrs C’ack-Handide. The less able I am to get to floor level, the more stuff I seem to drop on it. Then there’s my food. Mostly on my shirt these days, or inside my bra, as previously discussed. Here’s this week’s delightful tally.

Three vest tops. One for each day; red pasta sauce, melted butter and chilli sauce.

One shirt. Survived being splashed with red pasta sauce but failed when I managed, merely by tipping the glass to get home made strawberry yogurt smoothie all over it… as well as in my glasses and hair.

Scritchy boobs. I must empty my bras out more regularly, or stop eating ryvita.

Cutting any vegetable will involve dropping most of it on the floor and having to call pathetically to Mr BC – when he’s nearby, to come and pick it up.

Contractions: Braxton Hicks? Absolutely no idea.

Period Pain type things when I walk or just sporadically. Check.

Muffin Movement? Check, lots of it.

I’ve tried some raspberry leaf tea – drunk from 37 weeks on this is supposed to help thin your pelvis and keep contractions sustained during labour. This is week 38 so I reckon I’m ok for 2 cups a day. After my first cup, last night, I felt very dizzy and weepy. Mmm… it clearly does something to the hormones then. I shan’t be having too much of it. Weepy is not my thing.

Hey ho.

Yesterday I left one of my posters with a new baby shop in town. Hoping very much they will like it and buy some. Fingers and toes crossed.

Right then, off to fit my new keyboard. If I disappear for ever you know I failed miserably.

Mmm… fingers and toes are already crossed. Despite hinderance from bump, crosses legs manually…


Cacktain’s log, additional. I have fixed my keyboard. Ok, so it’s a piece of piss. A simple case of gently prying off some fascia, undoing two screws, a ribbon connector and then reversing the process but it’s a COMPUTER… and it was expensive, and this would have cost me a squillion quid to pay someone to do and they’d have made me feel like it was incredibly complicated and difficult and that they were incredibly talented to be able to fix something a mere mortal such as myself could not.

So, in short, I feel like a goddess of self sufficiency.

Keyboard £36.00 or thereabouts off ebay (£28 or so if I’d been less prissy and pathetic about matching the original colour and prepared to have a grey one)
Time 5 minutes
Satisfaction total
Smugness – absolutely off the scale.



1. Geldoff - 15, May 2008

Duz it got da numba 9 ‘n evryfink, BC?

“Her Dame-ness, Lady Chaos, humbly received the Nobel Prize and her Damehood for Services To Computing above and beyond the call of duty today at Buckingham Palace. The entire Royal Family was in attendance and Her Majesty the Queen stepped forward, clearly in awe of her noble subject, and, after bestowing the honours on Lady Chaos, Her Majesty asked breathlessly whether Lady Chaos would very kindly sign her autograph upon the Queen’s ermine robe. Lady Chaos kindly obliged and noticed that the Princes, Charles, William and Harry had also moved into position with pens uncapped and robes readied. Her Majesty Queen later tearily mentioned that it was one of the finest moments of her life. And the crowd went wild. Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!” (One can dream can’t one?) 🙂

2. babychaos - 15, May 2008

It does have all the numbers and yes, I know her Majesty would have been in AWE of me!



3. Kat - 16, May 2008

Not long to go now. Sooo exciting!

4. GeekLady - 20, May 2008

I once bought a replacement ‘V’ key for my old laptop from eBay… It was a hotkey for something in World of Warcraft that got mashed so regularly that I broke it. But I couldn’t match the color, so I had a black ‘V’ with a gray rest of the keyboard.

Kudos on fixing your cat-terrorized computer!

5. mandi - 22, May 2008

OMG…so need to be in touch…I’m sure you hear this alot…..k…don’t really expect a repy…..just think…well…think we are on the same page….

6. babychaos - 22, May 2008

Kat, eek I know!

Geek Lady, I like that idea, I nearly saved myself five quid and had a grey one but in the end I was too vain and just couldn’t. It’s great, the keys are nice and matt again, instead of shiny. As for your V key… hmm… a practical demonstration of why you should use a joystick!

Mandi, bless you, I hope you don’t have to empty your bras or wash your tops as often as I do! Keep coming back and commenting and for the most part, you will get a reply as I always aim to respond to everyone!



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