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Wahoo! 20, May 2008

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The Muffin is now the right way round although he has disengaged… I knew that though, the reflux has returned with a vengence.


Have completed the art commission and been paid in cash.

More hoorah.

The other one didn’t come off… but hey. Guy wanted to commission some designs for rugs, I rang up loads of carpet companies, an artist and places like the Crafts Council to research the going rate but it was a start up company, in the States to boot so I think what with the exchange rate and all, even bottom whack was too much. Sigh. Recession schmession. Never mind.

Have also bought a stone polisher, or a stone tumbling machine as it’s sometimes called, at a car boot for £2. It’s not high quality but I’ve always wanted one… my bathroom is full of stones picked up off beaches, mountains etc and just as soon as I can find out how to do it properly, I’m going to polish some! I’m guessing jaggedy rocks will take more goes of sharp sand and longer to polish than smooth off the beach ones.

Hmm… we must be cautions…

Shiny stones!

Also tempted to start an art blog and put all my musings about writing and drawing there…



1. hobbies - 20, May 2008

[…] the art commission and been paid in cash. More hoorah. The other one didn??t come off?? but hey. Guyhttps://babychaos.wordpress.com/2008/05/20/wahoo/On the Move The Indianapolis StarOn the Move Name: Stacy Gillen. New post: Director of marketing and […]

2. Mrs. Nicklebee - 20, May 2008

Lots of good news today! Good for you, BC! 🙂

In my cross-eyedness, I thought I was reading that Muffin is around, as in arrived. Aw well. Maybe next time. 😉

Sorry about that other commission. Things are really tough here and the USD is actually worth less than the Canadian dollar. That’s so odd to me because it has been the other way around ever since I can remember!

Good luck with your art blog. 🙂

3. babychaos - 20, May 2008

Wow for the us dollar to be less than Canadian things must be incredibly tough and as for the art blog. Thanks, I’ll let y’all know when I get it running… I sort of think that once Muffin is in a routine and I’m back to work again would be a good time so it may be a couple of months!



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