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Uh? Answers on a post card, please… 23, May 2008

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, General Wittering, Play.
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Do any of you get those weird autistic kind of comments on posts that are months old? It seems to happen here frequently and I just wanted to share one I got on this post today…

It’s March 2008 and BC’s blog has been spammed relentlessly for weeks by US garden furniture companies (bizarre, in itself). They are all – it would appear – selling exclusively to and in their home market. All comments are either nonsensical strings of words or random single word comments, like this.

2. gnome – 15, March 2008[Edit]

As a blogger in Britain BC starts to get a bit peed off, especially with the above mentioned “gnome” who is leaving several worthless pieces of drivvel (which keep getting through WordPress’s usually smashing spam filter) on pretty much every post she sticks on her blog so… finally she leaves one of the spam comments up and posts a reply telling them, somewhat rudely I have to admit, to go away, like so…

3. babychaos – 15, March 2008[Edit]
Gnome.Go away. You’ve obviously thoroughly read the manual on how to turn off potential customers, lose friends and alienate people.

I don’t want to buy your stupid garden gnomes and neither does anyone else on here. I’ve reported you to Amazon for spamming my blog doubtless you have hundreds of user accounts but with any luck it will cause you some inconvenience.

What is it with Americans selling garden furnishings?

Anyone else too, you spam I report.

Now sod off! The lot of you.


Well I know but I wouldn’t go advertising my artistic skills on a special site for blind people so why would all these garden people suddenly start advertising to a market in which they don’t actually operate? Yeh, it’s dim. Well, today, “Jim, in Atlanta,” but we shall call him “gnome” leaves me this completely bizarre non-sequitur.

4. Jim in Atlanta – 23, May 2008[Edit]

I don’t know of a single American to use theterm “Oh sod!” – and the word “sod” is only EVER used with respect to strips of grass and dirt removed from the earth, measuring approximately 14cm thick (from bottom to tips of grass) by .5m x 1m, for the purpose of transplanting a “ready to use lawn… just install and add water.”

So, your reference to this person for garden retailing need not include any reference/inference to this individual being located in the USA.

As for the manual to “turn off potential customers, lose friends and alienate people” – please direct us to this guide. I, personally, would find it a useful reference.

I’ve read it a couple of times and I don’t think it’s a joke. I think he believes I’m dissing the USA through my semantically incorrect, in his language, use of the word “sod”. He’s clearly piqued isn’t he?

Mwah ha ha haargh! So what d’you reckon? D’you think he’s gnome, somebody making a joke I’ve failed to get or a special needs guy..?

I’ve left him a rather acerbic, but polite I hope, explanation.  You should see the one I got about dinosaur pooh… it was hilarious… not sure where it’s gone now though.



1. GeekLady - 23, May 2008

I wish my spam was this mockable. I just get election stuff and porn adverts.

2. Dru - 23, May 2008

I do find it deliciously ironic that you told the spamy person to ‘sod off’, involved with gardens as they are.

I’m guessing the last part of ‘jim’s post was trying to be sarcastic. But we all know sarcasm and the interwebs doesn’t mix.

3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 23, May 2008

Oh BC! This is so funny!! We put sod in our backyard last spring so I am almost positive you’re getting that kind of spam because of your “sodding” expressions (Did I just cuss?) and web crawlers/spambots searching out those words.

I’m sure Jim is not the gnome, only a disgruntled comment reader, disgruntled because of the “American” comment.

How frustrating for you, though! I’m sure you’ve already tried blacklisting words like “gnome”, “sod”, and “sodding” … ? Hm … how to get Akismet to pick up on that stuff …

4. GeekLady - 23, May 2008

You know, I could get you some utterly fantastic flamingos, dirt cheap!

5. magneto bold too - 25, May 2008

You realised that you just gave the gnome a link back don’t you?

My spam is quite boring, except for the guy who keeps issuing me challenges to duel or somesuch.

6. babychaos - 25, May 2008

Geeklady, thanks but no thanks on the flamingos front, it is splendidly loony isn’t it?

Dru, yeh, I know an unwitting pun! I’m quite pleased about that now!

Mrs N, I think you must be right, strange though, it’s been ok for the last month or so but Jim’s comment only arrived the other day.

Magneto, true but the link now goes to a page which states that Amazon have removed the retailer for spamming! Or at least… it did! Mwa ha ha haargh!



7. Joe Drinker - 26, May 2008

Wow. While your retort is well-spoken, honestly, I doubt Jim in Atlanta will even be back to see it. He very well could have just stumbled across the post once and thought being smart was the way to go.

8. babychaos - 26, May 2008

Joe, I know but it made me feel so much better!



9. Apologetically - 21, June 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Apologetically!!

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