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Holy Smoke! 25, May 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Pregnancy Issues.
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I am due to have a baby in 7 days time. Responsible adulthood is nearly upon me.


It’s a bank holiday and half term and it’s weeing with rain… got some good car booting in yesterday though and everything is finally ready for the muffin… well, ok, except for the travel cot sheets, which I’m going to order, like NOW!

Apologies to everyone, I’ve not read much, I know… This week is going to be a bit manic but I aim to catch up on my blogs if I can although I can see it being a diverting past time during night feeds… hmm!

Pregnancy check list.

Braxton Hicks? Er… still not sure.

Pathetic Period Pains? Check one last night woke me.

Changing mat to place hopefully under sheet to catch worst of breaking waters? Check.

Towels to go under sheet? Check.

Raspberry leaf tea – to help thin cervix and promote timely labour? Check.

Litter picker to pick up every thing I drop – ie everything I touch, in my inability to bend? Check.

Will I be like me – on time – or like my brother – a possible 4 weeks late although nobody really knows when he was conceived because he was a twin the other miscarried and nobody knew he was there until about 12 weeks? Me. Please god.

This week I am VERY busy – to keep my mind off it.

Next week I am even busier but only doing things in my own home – ruining my own carpets is fine but other people’s… er no that will be embarrassing.

Half of me is very excited. The rest is a little nervous…

Had a horrible first part of the night last night, very uncomfortable, not much sleep so today I had to have a power nap. Breathing is a trial, bending down worse – there seems to be a log jammed between my ribs and pelvis… oh dear and Muffin isn’t even engaged yet… Still three weeks to go at the outside – there are so many June babies they are inducing after 2 weeks at the moment instead of the usual 10 days… Arse! Just my luck or it’d be 15 days tops.

Right to the internet to find cot sheets. Oh yes… I need to tidy up round the Muffin’s future bed, too or there’ll be nowhere to put anything down…

When I next post I will write a list of things I expect to be able to do in three weeks (at the outside’s) time which I can’t do now… you know stuff like… bend down!



1. Kat - 26, May 2008

Oh, my GAWD! You’re almost there! I’m so excited for you! But, erm, “pathetic period pains”? Would that not point to maybe, just maybe, the onset of labour?

2. Joe Drinker - 26, May 2008

Wow, a week! Fingers crossed for you…

3. babychaos - 26, May 2008

Kat, nah, I’ve had them on and off for a couple of weeks, I think they may be what other people call Braxton Hicks – Yeh and I thought he was Thursday Next’s boss. They are exactly like I get when my period is just starting but don’t go anywhere. They probably do mean things are hotting up though… Persaonlly, since my Birthday is June 12 I think it’s just sod’s law I’ll be spending it in labour!

Joe… I know! Scary or what!?



4. Kat - 26, May 2008

My sister-in-law had Braxton Hicks like yours for weeks. She went into labour during her baby shower (my birthday–one day after yours) and had the baby within 5 hours, no drugs required. Hope that cheers you up! 🙂

5. Geldoff - 26, May 2008

Ah, a fellow Gemini. Ain’t life grand not knowing whether you’re going to feel the same way about anything in 2 minutes time, BC? 🙂

6. babychaos - 27, May 2008

Kat, it does cheer me up, fingers and toes crossed.
Geldoff, yes indeed! It makes life so much more interesting.



7. mrsmetaphor - 27, May 2008

keeping you well in my thoughts, babe!! Get as much rest as you can….let us know when the big day comes. : )

8. cataclismical - 28, May 2008

Blimey .. I have been reading your blog for over 9 months .. I thought you had weeks to go! Eeek .. good luck!

9. B - 29, May 2008


10. Steff - 29, May 2008

Best of luck to you, hope everything goes swimmingly (sorry, bad water birth pun!) 🙂 xx

11. babychaos - 30, May 2008

Mrs M, cheers luv!

Cataclismical, I’ve just been ignoring it and hoping it’ll go away not because I don’t want it to arrive but because I’m a bit leery about labour so it’s like… don’t think about it until it happens.

B… almost but not quite.

Steff… good water birth pun I thought!



12. Susie - 31, May 2008

I’m just watching An Audience with the Spangly One and just had to look you up and see if there was any news yet. So excited for you, hope it all goes well.

Susie xxxx

13. Susie - 31, May 2008

PS Linz had baby girl a few days ago ;o)

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