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The Joys of Pregnancy Number 63. Oedema. 30, May 2008

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Here, is a picture of my oedema taken at it’s best for three weeks.  Mmm Mmm!  As you can see my feet think they’re going to have a baby as well.

How it looks.

Oh look!  Granny\'s ankles

This, of course, is how it feels…

Oedema; how it feels



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 31, May 2008

Oh my word! That hand about made me faint. I’m glad to have had a couple of seconds of consciousness to process it before I went down!

I’m sorry you’re feeling all puffy and stuff. Hopefully it won’t last too much longer and you’ll have something to show for it. 🙂

2. noble savage - 31, May 2008

I never got the oedema too bad but in the last couple weeks my ankles swelled enough that my socks were cutting off my circulation. I’m kind of looking forward to being pregnant in summer this time — at least I can have bare legs and wear sandals when the sausage-ness is at its worst instead of trying to squeeze them into trousers and boots in the winter.

You must be so excited, not long now!

3. Sharon - 19, July 2009

There are alot of good supplements out there to help with oedema and water retention. One that I used for a while was Blotax you can buy it online i think http://www.blotax.com


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