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Spam I am… 3, June 2008

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering.
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I had a fascinating comment the other day, it said this…

“cantalite ferdiad cholecystogastrostomy tantalizer metapleural tactinvariant mythologue uncomplaint”

Now I have to ask, why on earth would anyone do a spam comment this way. What’s in it for them?

Who sits down and thinks.

“Hmm… I want people to visit my site, I know how I’ll get them in, I’ll leave lots of comments in pseudo medical, non-sensical drivvle on blogs and I just know they’ll come pouring in.”

Do the hits flood in?

I can’t help laughing at spam names, either. Why are spam e-mails always from people called “Wayne Burrito” or “Winnie Sanding”. I sometimes wonder if I should take down the most bizarre or strange names and try to write a story about them…


1. Joe Drinker - 3, June 2008

I’m thinking it’s just their way of getting around the spam triggers. Because, as you said, who would intentionally use them in a comment?

2. magneto bold too - 4, June 2008

I get a lot of that weird stuff too. I pink puffy heart my spam filter.

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