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Inducements… 6, June 2008

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Inducement booked for next Wednesday, 11th June. Difficult to explain how delighted I am that there is now a finite finish to this – it’ll be busy and I may not get in on 11th or 12th but I reckon I have to have managed it by Friday 13th.

So… though I’m glad it will finish by then, at the same time I’m not at all looking forward to the concept of being induced which has been given a pretty universal thumbs down – barring one, possibly the rule-proving, exception – from everyone who’s experienced it.

No matter. The one positive comment came from somebody whose first child was induced. This is my first child, it’s not as if I’m going to know if I have a horrific labour. I mean, I am in that it’s going to fucking smart but since I’ll have nothing to compare it to, I will only really know if I have another and the labour goes swimmingly. Yes. Perhaps, in this case, ignorance truly is bliss.

Had my hormones “done” by the reflexology lady today. This should help the braxton hicks and other things that will cause the little blighter to lock and load, at the least. It’s not going to do any harm, anyway, which is the important thing. She suggested I have a sleep afterwards which I did… for three hours! I have woken a human dynamo!

Ah let’s hope they work and he locks, loads and arrives naturally before I get induced.

On a lighter note. Here are some of the things I am looking forward to after the baby is born.

1. Being able to sleep (this afternoon excepted) for more than 40 minutes at a pop.

2. Being able to see my feet.

3. Having ankles.

4. Being able to wear my engagement ring.

5. Being able to climb the stairs without gasping for breath and going blue.

6. Only my boobs aching.

7. Being able to bend down and pick things up.

8. Meeting my little one at long last.

9. Gradually, over time, being able to wear a variety of clothes rather than the ever dwindling number of outfits I can currently cram myself into – at present; a pair of winter cords for cold days and a pair of cotton capri-pants for hot days neither of which stays up.

10. Cutting my toe nails for the first time.

11. Doing one firm stool per day.

12. Riding a bicycle.

13. Being able to run.

14. Being able to wear more than one pair of shoes.

15. Being able to wipe my arse in ease and comfort!

16. Being able to sleep on my back – possibly even my front.

17. Not weeing like it’s a national sport.

18. Being able to dry my feet without pain and breathlessness to the point of almost losing consciousness.

19. Not having reflux.

20. Not having sinus.

21. Being able to stand up long enough to have a shower or blow dry my hair without getting so tired I want to go back to bed again.

22. An end in sight to the SPD exercises!

In short. Not being pregnant!



1. Bill Howdle - 6, June 2008

BC my dear friend. I am hoping and praying for you to have as little pain as possible. I am sure it will all quickly be forgotten when you are holding the little bundle of joy in your arms.
You are in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers.

2. Kat - 7, June 2008

I thought perhaps the lack of posts the last few days was because you’d maybe gone into labour. But never mind, I was scheduled for induction and had the baby a few days before. There’s still time!

And I had a friend who was induced for her first child. No epidural, it went by so fast. The second time around, she said she laboured harder because she thought it would be as fast as when she was induced and basically ran out of energy after a few hours. That time, she ended up with an epidural. The only thing all my induced friends complained about was that labour was harder and faster. But on the upside, if all goes well, the baby comes out sooner.

ALL THE BEST!!! I really am so excited for you.

3. mrsmetaphor - 7, June 2008

Oh…good list, BC…good, good list. I’m glad the end is in sight for you guys! It’s the start to the next part of the adventure and it’s pretty amazing at that. Can’t wait to welcome baby BC…

4. babychaos - 7, June 2008

Bill, thanks, I am sure you are right about forgetting the pain, too!

Kat, ah if only, I don’t mind labouring harder if it’s over quicker though, you’ve made it sound a lot less grim, in fact you are number two person to tell me it’s ok… which takes the yes vote to a percentage rather than a rule-proving exception! 😉

Mrs M, yeh, I think it’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to welcome baby BC either!



5. Geldoff - 7, June 2008

Hmm, I notice sex didn’t make the list … (Ducks for cover.) 🙂


6. Mrs. Nicklebee - 8, June 2008

I’m so happy for you that the end of this phase is in sight! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about Muffin!

7. babychaos - 9, June 2008

Geldoff… it does but not under the “getting my body back” section! It’s kind of up to Mr BC to be honest as he’s the one who’s most freaked by the bump! I’m just too knackered!

Mrs N, I’m very pleased and all!



8. Mrs. Nicklebee - 12, June 2008

Thinking about you on this early Thursday morning (your time) and hoping all is well right now. (((((BC, Mr. BC and Muffin)))))

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